Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries

SunMoon-Sagittarius-Aries.jpg Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries

Sun in Sagittarius gives you a confident, independent and idealistic personality. Moon in Aries enhances your confidence. You are focused, passionate and determined to succeed. Your ambition fuels you to overcome obstacles and you love showing off your ability to rise to any challenge.

Even though you love to flex your muscles and are motivated by a desire to prove yourself, you are also concerned with larger issues. This balance helps you avoid being locked in your own ego. You are generous and kind and love to be a champion for others. Your sense of adventure feeds directly into your love of travel and need for freedom.

You are instinctive and rely on intuition and passion more than intellect. You are highly intelligent and value expanding your mind and learning about philosophy, law or science. However, your emotions prompt you to act on instinct without stopping to consider all possible options.

Usually this doesn’t faze you and you may insist on following your path regardless of the risk. You are optimistic and can be overconfident. You don’t let challenges get in your way, though, so confidence works in your favor. You aim high and relish the challenge brought by fighting the odds.

You are kind hearted and have integrity. This may result in you having strong opinions and not always considering the views of others. You easily show your passions and interests but fight to conceal any vulnerability. You can be quick to anger but then can let things go, forgive and forget after blowing off steam.

Your interests in philosophy and spirituality can lead you to become active in different religious study groups. You also enjoy diffusing your intense feelings through athletics or mind-body-spirit practices like meditation or martial arts.

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Aries

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Aries brings out conflicts and tension between your passionate emotions and philosophical mission. You may have grandiose ideas and generous ambitions but then become distracted by your personal convictions and self-serving needs.

You have a broad view of life and want to sample the best of what life has to offer, but you constantly get lost on tangents and lose track of your bigger vision. Your sense of connection and philosophical beliefs are among your greatest gifts so when you allow yourself to get side tracked and self absorbed.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon in Aries

Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon in Aries makes you idealistic, philosophical and fortunate. You are wise and benevolent, your interests range from spirituality to law. You are highly energetic and optimistic. You can be courageous and determined but are seldom selfish. Usually you intend to use your success to uplift others.

Your charming nature and tales of adventure attract others to you. You are inspiring and have a strong sense of integrity. People appreciate your honesty and know they can count on you to raise their spirits and make them laugh. You are a natural leader and your ability to influence others helps you excel in politics or sales.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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