Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio

SunMoon-Sagittarius-Scorpio.jpg Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Sagittarius gives you a larger than life personality with high ideals and a generous heart. You are direct and have strong views.

Your determination and passion is further enhanced by Moon in Scorpio. You have a deep thirst for knowledge and truth, drawn to higher learning and wisdom.

The ability to see the big picture while delving deep beneath the surface to see the underlying factors are among your strengths. You are caring and compassionate and also highly intuitive.

You instinctively know what others feel and even their deepest fears. Your ability to get to the details of underlying issues helps you connect with others for the purposes of healing.

You may be successful as a therapist or a healer focusing on alternative healing as well as conventional medicine. Metaphysics, the occult and psychology are of interest to you. You can be a catalyst for change because you help others to see what is holding them back and then inspire them to overcome challenges. You are uplifting and people place their confidence in you.

You are a natural leader and operate through charisma and benevolence that others can feel rather than by dominating others. You have an eye for details and can be highly intuitive and observant. Security, for you, comes in the form of information.

You are driven to uncover the secrets and mysteries both of others in your life and life itself. This makes you interested in the occult and spirituality and also in getting into the subconscious of others.

When you are insecure, you can become jealous, possessive and passive-aggressive. You can use your authority and influence to stack the deck in your own favor or to undermine your adversaries. You may also become manipulative, using your ability to read others’ emotions against them.

Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Moon in Scorpio empowers your sense of confidence and power. You are drawn to power in all it’s forms and love to have a high vantage point. You are just as likely to pursue your own ambitions or to work tirelessly as a humanitarian leader, where you direct your energy will depend on your personal evolution.

You have the ability to transform yourself and others because of your higher perspective and ability to delve between the surface. You can be highly intuitive and passionate about your beliefs. You’re a humanitarian and adventurer who loves to explore and learn about exotic places and cultures.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Scorpio creates balance between your intuitive and emotional motivation for power and your desire to be a healer and humanitarian leader. You are philosophical and deeply emotional. You can be sensual and emotionally intense. Your emotions can be channeled through your intellect and desire to research to get to the truth.

You can be highly successful as a leader because you are influential, charming and charismatic. You have the potential to be an excellent researcher but also have an eye on larger systems and understand the broad perspective as well as underlying factors.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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