Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aries

SunMoon-Capricorn-Aries.jpg Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aries

Sun in Capricorn makes you serious, hard working and efficient. You value security and tradition and can seem stoic and conservative to others. When people get to know you, however, they see a passionate inner nature granted by Moon in Aries.

You try to keep a reserved outer personality but inside your feelings are intense. You may feel confident and optimistic most of the time but will try to not show your cards. Your moods can come on strong and flare ups can subside just as quickly as they arrived. You are fueled by your sense of mission and take yourself, and everything else, quite seriously.

You may put a great deal of energy into building a secure foundation and then suddenly dash all plans and follow your impulsive instincts. Your intuition can prompt you to act quickly on the hunches you receive. You may feel the need to express your emotions through action and in very physical ways. Athletics, martial arts, venting through rigorous exercise or cleaning, for example.

You are energetic and enthusiastic. Not afraid to take initiative, once you have an idea, you see projects through to the end. You are highly competitive and this fuels your focus and helps you overcome challenges. In fact, the more you can climb uphill battles in order to get what you want, the better you feel having done things the ‘hard’ way, as if this proves something about you.

You are loyal and courageous. You aren’t easily swayed and this can lead others to judge you to be obstinate. You can be a traditionalist but will act on impulse to change course. You don’t readily trust anything you haven’t seen or experienced for yourself. This can make it difficult to collaborate with others as you want to do things your own way.

Sun in Capricorn sextile Moon in Aries

Sun in Capricorn sextile Moon in Aries creates an easy balance between your hard working, grounded and passionate nature. You can be ambitious and energetic or stoic and patient. You have a keen sense of timing and may wait for the ideal time to take action only to jump on an opportunity.

You’re never really impulsive, others who think so may not realize the level of planning and diligence behind the scenes which you have put into your strategy. You can be hardworking and competitive. Your drive to succeed helps motivate you to blast through obstacles.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Capricorn square Moon in Aries

Sun in Capricorn square Moon in Aries creates friction between your outgoing, spontaneous and passionate side and your reliable, concrete, patient side. You can sense the need to take initiative but procrastinate out of insecurities and resistance to chance. This can cost you important opportunities.

You are drawn to status and leadership though it is not easy for you to collaborate with others. You may assume responsibility for all decisions and leave others out of the process. You may also become so self-disciplined as to become militant both about your routines and beliefs. This can alienate potential collaborators.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Capricorn trine Moon in Aries

Sun in Capricorn trine Moon in Aries creates an easy flow of energy between your hard working, efficient nature and your passionate, dynamic inner world. You are intense and dynamic and are easily motivated to create security and success.

Work and career are of utmost importance to you. You strive to be first and best and this can make you competitive yet you also tend to get your way because of your determination. You create comfort, security and stability for those you love. You are loyal and devoted both to your family, friends and to your ambitions.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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