Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Aquarius-Cancer.jpg Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Aquarius gives you an outgoing, even outrageous personality. You are a humanitarian and progressive thinker but you can also be a rebel, invested in standing apart from the crowd. In spite of your independent outward personality, Moon in Cancer gives you a deep sensitivity and empathy for others.

You may understand instinctively what others want and need. You try to act like criticism rolls off your shoulders but in truth you take everything personally, even if it was not intended to be about you.

You have a special talent for drawing inferences and assuming that others are going to abandon you. This can lead you to react in bizarre or eccentric ways to sabotage relationships. You may also try to ‘test’ others, forcing them to ‘prove’ their loyalty.

You can be intuitive and intellectually advanced and this is both a blessing and a curse. You have a sense of coming trends and larger patterns both in society and in your personal life. At the same time, you may panic because you don’t always know how to rationally make sense of the levels you are attuned to. You may misinterpret some cues and hit others right on the mark.

You desire security and people would be surprised to learn just how sensitive and emotional you are because you work hard to hide it. You can be detached and try to intellectualize the world around you. Yet you are highly perceptive and emotional. You can become reactive when triggered, going to extremes without subtlety.

You can also be highly motivated and put your creative energy into exploring the world and coming to intellectual breakthroughs that challenge the status quo. You desire a safe home base and value family and emotional connection. Even when restless, you are comforted by being around family.

Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Cancer

Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Cancer gives you an intense, emotionally deep and intuitive personality. You are highly attuned to the emotional signals of others. You are creative, imaginative and intellectually advanced.

You may be so far ahead of your time as to seem unusual but you’re also warm and nurturing and this helps others embrace your progressive ideas and unique forms of self-expression. You are caring and compassionate and can be successful in humanitarian work.

You are drawn to groups and organizations and may act as the nurturer of your peer group. You value new ideas and freedom but also have a deep need for emotional security.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Cancer

Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Cancer brings out the tension between your nurturing, emotional and empathic side and your intellectual, progressive, independent personality.

You can be intuitive but then doubt yourself because you can’t make sense of your psychic impressions using logic alone.

You may also desire close connection with others and have a strong sense of home and family, but find that home is a place in which you feel restless, bored and confined. Learning to balance between your desire for freedom and innovation and your desire for security and stability will help you use these vastly different gifts successfully.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aquarius quincunx Moon in Cancer

Sun in Aquarius quincunx Moon in Cancer creates friction between your nurturing and intellectual sides. You could advance personally by learning to draw on your intuition and your ability to nurture others.

It’s not easy for you to bypass your eccentric, independent and rational side. You may feel like you’re constantly tiptoeing through a minefield of emotion and explosive urges to follow your instinctive though unusual ideas.

You can be highly sensitive though you prefer to act detached and may even alienate others by trying to act superior. In truth you are easily hurt and this is one of several defenses that you use to keep others at a distance.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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