Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Aquarius-Virgo.jpg Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aquarius gives you an independent, intellectual and sometimes shocking personality. You are a born rebel who doesn’t mind challenging convention. Moon in Virgo can temper your outlandish and eccentric nature and bring you back down to earth when you are getting carried away.

Without Virgo Moon to ground you, you may go to extremes or even become a zealout about various causes. With the anchoring of this earthy Moon placement, however, you are considerate, planful and cautious. You are motivated by a desire for security and stability and you believe in the power of routines, analysis and organization.

You are a humanitarian who knows that being of service on a large scale starts with small details. You can be a perfectionist and may become obsessive about advancing your skills and critiquing your work rather than trusting in your talents to speak for themselves.

You care about community and humanity and may be drawn to grass roots activism and advocacy especially in matters of health care, access to healthy food, and providing necessities to people who are under-privileged.

Your instincts are grounded in what you can feel and perceive through logic. You tend to intellectualize your emotions and believe there is a rational explanation for everything.

You are excitable and inspiring, though Moon in Virgo helps you moderate your pace and prevents you from becoming too reactive. You care about making sure others are nurtured in practical ways. When you aren’t managing your own emotions, you may project inner fears onto others and become anxious.

You can also become hyper-critical of those around you and of yourself, believing that there is always a better way to accomplish your goals and feeling restless with success unless you feel the results are perfect.

Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Virgo gives you an easy balance between your outlandish, eccentric and friendly personality and your emotional desire for security and stability. You have a deep desire to be of service to others and you can easily articulate your rational, methodical personality.

You can be excitable and full of surprises but you prefer to remain on an even keel and try to organize your inner life as much as possible.

You are efficient, practical and sensible and when you flaunt your eccentric and unorthodox style it is actually the byproduct of a careful strategy and seldom as spontaneous as you would let on.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Virgo creates tension between your practical nature and inner desire for stability and organization and your outward personality that can be spontaneous and carefree.

You want to be independent and rebel against the status quo, yet you can’t help feeling that stable foundations are in place for a reason and should not be set aside lightly.

Your perfectionist nature can undermine your intuition and enthusiasm. You can be highly creative but also cynical and critical of yourself and others. Your frank, direct nature can come across harsher than you intended at times.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aquarius quincunx Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aquarius quincunx Moon in Virgo creates friction between your practical nature and shocking personality. Your lifetime features ongoing lessons about honoring your sensible instincts but also being true to your independent and sometimes unusual outer personality.

You are cautious and deliberate but also can’t help being erratic and intense. Over time and with maturity you will learn that it sometimes pays to be impulsive, following your intuition and showing your progressive, unorthodox side, but that there are also times to remain grounded and take a strategic approach.

You can channel your anxiety into creative activities and advance your unique vision and this can help you avoid becoming obsessive and critical.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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