Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn

SunMoon-Aquarius-Capricorn.jpg Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Aquarius gives you an intense, progressive, independent personality and penchant for unusual interests or quirkiness. Your Moon in Capricorn grounds you and provides a stable anchor that keeps your Aquarian energy from being too erratic.

You keep your feelings subdued and level. You don’t want to fuel deeper emotions and show vulnerability. You have some unconventional views and are also drawn to the past. You may embody styles or mannerisms from a past era or hold ideas based on past traditions even if it seems out of place in modern times. When you do this, it’s not because you fear technology. Quite the opposite.

You are open to technology and sciences but may elect to build your lifestyle around traditional values or adopt practices from past eras that are conservative. Being the only person on your block to start an urban farmstead, for example.

You don’t take commitment lightly because you need to feel secure and anchored. Yet you are also constantly on the lookout for opportunities to advance and change. You may spend quite a bit of effort establishing a sense of routines and structure only to throw it all away and move on in a dramatically new direction. Moon in Capricorn can balance this tendency slightly.

You tend to intellectualize and distance yourself from your feelings. You just don’t understand their purpose and since you’re all about efficiency you consider them a waste of time and energy. This can impede healing and become an issue in intimate relationships since you operate from a logical, practical filter. Others may feel they never get to know your softer side. It’s because you try hard not to have one.

Sun in Aquarius conjunct Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Aquarius conjunct Moon in Capricorn fuses your unorthodox, progressive and quirky side with your earthy, practical, business-like inner world.

You are resourceful and efficient and treat relationships and personal life choices much the same way you treat career or business decisions. You aren’t afraid to start over and scrap your plans if it is a better investment to do so.

You can be detached and reserved, open minded and reliable. You easily blend your unusual vision with your obligation to society at large. You are a humanitarian who strives to lay a solid foundation for others in the future. You are independent and free-thinking though you are also conscious of your role in the larger society.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aquarius sextile Moon in Capricorn

Sun in Aquarius sextile Moon in Capricorn creates an easy balance between your intense, independent, freedom loving personality and your inner desire to create stability and security through rules, structure and government. You can be an excellent leader because you are innovative and also resourceful and efficient.

You can be detached but this also allows you to view situations objectively. Even your emotional nature is reserved and analytical as well as neutral and objective. You would excel in positions that require creativity, unconventionality and practical rationality.

You want to establish solid rules and traditions but also know some rules and structures can be outgrown and must be amended or broken at times.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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