Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aquarius

SunMoon-Aquarius-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius gives you an innovative, creative, forward thinking, humanitarian personality. Moon in Aquarius doubles up your unusual, quirky and independent energy. You may appear to others to be detached and intellectual.

Even your emotional nature is more intellectual and instinctive than outright centered on raw feelings. You can be intense and feel like you are on a rollercoaster, reacting to every instinct and impulse. You are progressive and eccentric.

Your intuition gives you cutting edge view of things to come. You tend to be ahead of the curve and you don’t care if others are shocked by your beliefs, appearance or actions.

You are progressive, excitable, reactive and highly intelligent. You easily make friends and excel in social situations. Friendships are easier for you to maintain than intimate relationships, however. This is because you don’t understand your deeper emotional nature and without delving into your own emotions you can’t easily connect with others. Also, you are fiercely independent and will panic at any sign of potential connection that could be long term.

In relationships, you need your partner to understand that you may suddenly feel the urge to wander off and work on new projects, write a book, undertake a science experiment or go to countless political or social justice rallies. If your partner expects a reliable, consistent homebody, they will be greatly disappointed.

You can be optimistic and always look to the future for inspiration. You have little interest in structure and rules and would prefer to be free to follow your instincts and unique vision. You may be in agreement with others but often will not show it because you want to stand out and be considered as apart from the crowd.

You are drawn to the unusual and unexpected and continually surprise others with your rapidly changing array of interests and beliefs. You may be inspired by unusual topics, occult studies or conspiracy theories.

Sun in Aquarius conjunct Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius conjunct Moon in Aquarius amplifies your highly energized, intense personality. You are like a lightning bolt, often impulsive and driven to pursue dramatically different ideas or interests. You may have many interests but lose momentum before projects are complete.

Your mind craves new information and ideas and you can become restless. Grounding activities and activities that help you expel energy are important in order to keep balance. Your inner world is as erratic and chaotic as your personality can be. You don’t seek approval and are a nonconformist. Others appreciate your brilliance but see you as detached.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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