Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aries

SunMoon-Pisces-Aries.jpg Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aries

Sun in Pisces gives you a creative, compassionate, dreamy personality. You are mystical and sensitive and highly attuned to the spiritual realms.

Moon in Aries helps you find direction and motivation. Your soft, go-with-the-flow personality can be balanced by an inner sense of mission and strength.

You can become confused by your many desires and intuitive senses but your instincts are focused and strong. You have a powerful need to express your artistic and creative side. You can be loving, romantic and sensitive and Moon in Aries adds passion and fuels you so that you don’t become distracted by pleasure seeking or emotional longings.

You can be sentimental and reserved because you have an introspective and romantic nature. Yet behind the scenes you are confident, passionate and you know instinctively when it’s time to pursue your goals and when it’s time to cut your losses and let go. You love to connect deeply with others yet can also be direct and self motivated.

You have a strong sense of willpower and courage yet are also intuitive, sensitive and highly imaginative. Your sense of conviction and easy ability to get lost in fantasy can make it difficult for you to collaborate with others, even though you are a highly compassionate and loving person.

You may misread others’ signals and overestimate your relationships or jump to conclusions about romantic relationships, idealizing unavailable partners. You can be assertive and honest as long as you take measures not to delude yourself.

You are peace loving but can be fierce in pursuit of your dreams. You care deeply about others and have an active imagination but also the determination and intuition to follow your dreams and not just get lost in fantasies.

You can be charming and highly attractive. You easily get along with others and are loyal and protective in relationships.

Sun in Pisces conjunct Moon in Aries

Sun in Pisces conjunct Moon in Aries fuses your dreamy, calm outer personality with your fierce and focused inner world. You are creative and highly spiritually attuned and also motivated and focused. You can be protective and loyal in relationships and you easily charm others and attract new partners.

You can be direct and honest though also deeply sensitive and nurturing you never intend to hurt others’ feelings. You have a strong interest in the mystical, spiritual and artistic.

You may also be drawn to healing and spiritual evolution and your inner motivation and courage drives you forward. You can achieve your goals no matter how big your dreams may be.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Pisces sextile Moon in Aries

Sun in Pisces sextile Moon in Aries creates balance between your inner motivations and direction and your outer personality, which is more dreamy and imaginative. You are compassionate and intuitive yet you can also draw on your self-protective instincts to avoid getting lost in wishful thinking.

You can be direct and strong willed yet also are able to merge your views and vision, adapting to the ideas of others. You want to step into others’ inner worlds yet are also able to set protective boundaries for yourself. You can be highly motivated and optimistic or deeply introspective and emotionally intense.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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