Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini

SunMoon-Pisces-Gemini.jpg Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini

Sun in Pisces gives you a romantic, emotional, compassionate and sensitive nature. You are creative and dreamy as well. Moon in Gemini gives you intellectual instincts that balance out your highly sensitive and emotional nature.

You are divinely inspired and can easily connect with your higher wisdom, yet your intuition and instincts drive you to express your emotions through writing, speaking or other expressive arts. You can be articulate though also poetic and creative. You channel your deeper feelings in an introspective, intellectual way.

You may be highly sensitive but also transparent and talkative. You love to talk about your inner experiences and have no problem showing your vulnerable side through words, which is not quite the same as being open to emoting, crying or actually sitting with your feelings.

An inner restlessness may keep you poring through books and reverting to your intellect to soothe your emotions. Sometimes this works. It’s also more effective if you add other forms of creative and emotional expression through the arts.

Your Sun and Moon are both in mutable signs and this makes you highly flexible and adaptive. You may feel emotionally ambiguous and confused by the depth and range of your rich inner world. When you turn to your intellectual faculties to help you make sense of your feelings, your interpretation of events can be blurred by emotional baggage.

Turning inward to connect with your intuition tends to turn into more of an intellectual exercise. Unfortunately it can also become an endless game of weighing various pros and cons. Hypothetical situations and practical ones may become confused.

Your idealism and optimistic nature can make it difficult for you to discern fact from fantasy in relationships at times. You are romantic and attractive and easily connect with people from all walks of life because of your skills as a conversationalist.

Sun in Pisces sextile Moon in Gemini

Sun in Pisces sextile Moon in Gemini creates an easy balance between your intellectual instincts and quick wit and your emotional personality. You are compassionate, sensitive and caring but can also be charming and witty. You feel deeply but also move on quickly from one mood to the next.

You typically have an optimistic, upbeat personality and seldom let others bring you down. In fact, it is more likely that you will elevate others’ moods because you see no limitations. Your idealism drives you to express your creative, spiritual vision. You are empathic but can also easily communicate with people from all walks of life.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Pisces square Moon in Gemini

Sun in Pisces square Moon in Gemini creates ongoing tension between your empathic, creative, compassionate side and your inner desire to rationalize everything. You are creative and optimistic but may overanalyze and become anxious. You also have a tendency to retreat into fantasies rather than dealing with reality.

You have strong instincts but can also doubt yourself. You may become anxious or waiver frequently on which path is the right one. Your second guessing may also effect even the smallest details. When you are overwhelmed, you may retreat into fantasy or get lost in virtual reality or social media looking for connections.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Gemini

Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Gemini gives you a creative, charismatic and loving personality. You are spiritual and empathic but also rational and instinctively understand how to communicate with others so that your voice is heard.

You can be kind and compassionate, altruistic and friendly. Your imagination keeps you motivated to learn and explore through your many social connections. Though you are deep and introspective, you aren’t broody and know how to relate to others.

You may be artistically gifted and easily express your thoughts with diplomacy. You have a spiritual vision of life and love and may use your connection to channel information through writing or as a psychic medium.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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