Sun in Pisces and Moon in Leo

SunMoon-Pisces-Leo.jpg Sun in Pisces and Moon in Leo

Sun in Pisces gives you a deep, sensitive, introspective personality. You are dreamy and mystical. Your Moon in Leo adds courage, energy and passion to your creative, artistic personality. You are loyal and caring, generous and compassionate. Your empathic nature is reinforced by a fiercely protective instinct.

Your inner passion drives you to be more outgoing and gregarious than typical of Sun in Pisces. You are empathic but also have a strong sense of self and personal identity. You are able to look out for your own interests by instinct but are protected from becoming self centered or arrogant because of Sun in Pisces.

You have great potential for artistic expression. Generous and diplomatic, you may direct your creative talents to support your favorite charities as an artist or entertainer who gives to charities or coordinates special benefit art shows or concerts.

You strive to be the best at any undertaking but also have great confidence and this helps you carry yourself as star material. Others take you seriously because you are warm yet also regal.

Your instincts can be self-serving but seldom without also having the intention of empowering or uplifting others. You have a strong sense of spiritual mission. You know how to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances because you are confident that you’ll come out on top anyway.

You know your inner power and worth but can become insecure. This is both because of your outer sensitivity and receptivity to other’s criticisms or even just their own varying moods. It’s also because you secretly want to be admired.

Lack of praise and admiration will leave you feeling like a performer on stage whose grand performance is met with silence rather than applause. You always feel on stage to some extent and you read your ‘audience’ for cues about how you are doing.

Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Leo

Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Leo makes you creative, artistic and a natural performer. You are also a compassionate leader and spiritual guru. You know how to attract attention and others feel nurtured in your presence. You can instantly pick up on cues from your surroundings and are highly intuitive.

Luckily, you also have a strong sense of inner confidence so you aren’t easily swayed by difficulties. You are driven by passion and a strong sense of mission, usually as a spiritual healer and creative person. You are compelled to express your inner world to others.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Leo

Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Leo brings out tension between your inner sense of mission and power and your outer sensitivities and vulnerability. You have a strong will to express yourself and show your creative talent but may resist doing so because you are highly sensitive.

You may also feel attuned to your surroundings and this empathy can trigger your protective instincts or put you on your guard. You can become insecure about relationships if you feel others aren’t showing you the respect and admiration you think you deserve. You are passionate but also lackadaisical and this inhibits your potential success.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Pisces quincunx Moon in Leo

Sun in Pisces quincunx Moon in Leo gives an awkward connection between your inner passionate nature and your outer empathy and emotional sensitivity. You are creative, intuitive and empathic but also struggle to keep your ego from overriding your intuitive instincts.

You have a desire to be seen and admired by others but can become introverted and escape into your inner world if you don’t feel you are being given the respect and praise you desire. Your ego can cause you to misinterpret the signals others give you in relationships and you can give in to illusions or wishful thinking until you learn discernment.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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