Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aquarius

    By 12andus

    SunMoon-Pisces-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aquarius

    Sun in Pisces gives you a sensitive, spiritual and compassionate personality. Moon in Aquarius further enhances your humanitarian personality and gives you a quirky sense of humor and unique ability to perceive your surroundings.

    You have a unique vision and are often ahead of your time. You can be eccentric and psychically attuned to the energies around you. Your empathic nature makes you aware of others’ feelings yet you may feel detached and confused by your own emotions.

    You can be intense and impulsive, reacting to bursts of emotion and becoming restless easily. You have many unique beliefs and it may be hard for others to relate to you. You can sense this confusion and can empathize well enough with others to be understanding.

    You know you’re ahead of your time and part of your mission as a healer or guide requires you to be patient with others as they catch up with your views.

    You can be rebellious and an instigator and change agent. You can also be a compassionate healer, guide or guru. You are drawn to groups and organizations and may join several spiritual or artistic groups to find support in expressing your unique views and showing your creative talents. You also excel when you are buffered by the community but you never fully lose your individuality and conform to the group.

    You are charming and attractive and others recognize there is something unique and fresh about your perspective. You can be neutral and objective or outspoken and opinionated.

    Though you strive not to hurt anyone’s feelings you can be abrupt and erratic at times. You have a strong attraction to the occult, metaphysical, unusual and taboo and you may be more inclined to believe less substantiated but exciting stories than boring factual ones.

    Sun in Pisces conjunct Moon in Aquarius

    Sun in Pisces conjunct Moon in Aquarius fuses your humanitarian nature and spiritual vision. You are highly empathic but can also be ahead of your time, bringing a unique progressive vision to those around you. You can be rebellious and deeply attached to others and sometimes you become confused about how much independence you truly want.

    You are creative, artistic, romantic and intuitive. Your instincts are intense and can cause you to make abrupt changes yet when you follow your inner wisdom you have no problem starting over with a clean slate. You have full faith in the universe and won’t be dissuaded from following your unusual vision

    Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

    Sun in Pisces sextile Moon in Aquarius

    Sun in Pisces sextile Moon in Aquarius creates balance between your excitable, instinctive inner world and your compassionate, charming and vulnerable personality.

    You can go along to get along when you need to but can also be staunchly attached to your vision and opinions, being direct and even impulsive at times. You are intuitive and highly spiritually connected. You respect the sciences and value new technologies but are also trusting of your inner world and emotions.

    You empathize easily with others but can be shocking and erratic when you need to usher in changes. Your artistic and creative talents combined with your humanitarianism can make you a talented healer, counselor or advocate for others.

    Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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