How to Support Each Sign During a Crisis

support.jpgEveryone has different styles of coping with Covid-19 crisis. What feels supportive to one sign may feel smothering to another.

If you are looking for ways to be supportive to loved ones going through hard times or during collective crisis, consider what each of the twelve Sun Signs looks for during times of turmoil.



aries.pngSun in Aries loves to be the hero and will stare down danger in order to protect others. They are active and ambitious. During a crisis they may be tirelessly working to fight the perceived enemy.

The best way to support Aries is to balance between gratitude for their efforts and acknowledgment of their strength, but also with a firm reminder that they do in fact have limits.

This is because they will burn themselves out without realizing it. They may also undermine their goals because of impulsivity or the desire to act superseding actually having a plan.

Aries needs a reminder that they are enough even if they aren’t able to do anything to control or change the situation. They need to feel like there is something they can spearhead, so it can be helpful to let them take the lead in some way. Help them express their passions and take action in ways that are meaningful even if it seems like small steps.





taurus.pngSun in Taurus needs to feel secure. To support Taurus during crisis, create safe space for them to feel into the deeper feelings that they are so good at concealing under practicality.

One way to support Taurus during a crisis is to try to provide physical comfort. Offering to share recipes for a healthy meal, giving them space to garden and tend to creating comfort in their physical space is important.

Help them find centering during crisis through mindfulness and grounding. Offer practical tools to help them feel secure and stable. Sensory comforts are important to Taurus.

Taking a relaxing bubble bath, using essential oils for soothing and calming and being surrounded by creature comforts when possible can help them feel settled and secure. Taurus is often the shoulder others cry on and it can be easy to overlook when they are getting to be maxed out and exhausted. Check in with them, don’t wait for them to ask for help.



gemini.pngSun in Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac. During a crisis, the more they know the more secure they will feel. Keep them posted and empower them to connect with communities that can help them work through the difficult times..

Arrange for video-chats if you can’t visit in person. Send them information that will help them solve or navigate through their problems. Let them share information with you and be open to listening to their ideas.

Encourage their creativity and suggest they write down their experiences and share their stories with others. Gemini can be easily distracted so finding ways to keep them focused and grounded can be helpful.

Gemini thrives on social connection. When placed into emergency situations where they feel isolated or disconnected, it is important to show them that they have the love and support of their peers and friends. Sending letters, cards, texts or other forms of communication can help. Share books for them to read or encourage them to use their wit and intellect to find new solutions to problems.



cancer.pngSun in Cancer people are nurturing and family oriented. When crisis hits, they first think of how to protect home, family and finances.

Support them by chipping in if you can to help with caretaking needs within the family. Listen without judgment to their anxieties and emotional needs. You may think they are over-reacting but their intuition may be signaling danger that you aren’t aware of, so validate their feelings.

Try to encourage them to process their feelings and not just avoid their anxieties by overeating or hiding away from the problems at hand. Cancer will feel supported if you help them to secure the health and well-being of their family and remind them of their resources to do the same.

Support your loved one with Sun in Cancer by reminding them that they can only be nurturing and uplifting to others if they have first taken care of their emotional needs.



leo.pngSun in Leo gives people a desire to be flamboyant, creative leaders. During a time of crisis, your Leo loved one may try to save the world but can also burn themselves out or unintentionally make the crisis about them when it isn’t.

To be supportive, help keep Leo grounded. Remind them to use their creative talents and gifts for entertaining and engaging others in productive ways. Also, find diplomatic ways to remind Leo that the larger community’s needs need to be in focus, not the spotlight on Leo as the hero.

At the same time, if you are able to show praise, gratitude and encouragement, your Leo loved one will go a long way in sharing their generosity and courage in ways that benefit the community during crisis.

Behind the scenes, Leo is much more vulnerable than they let on. If you can support their emotional expression and vulnerability, do so, but also be mindful to protect their confidences and ego and keep their secret fears private.


virgo.pngSun in Virgo are all about being of service even when there is not a crisis. Your Virgo loved one is dependable, analytical, detail oriented and grounded.

They are really good at keep everyone else calm, but behind the scenes, their own anxieties can skyrocket. When there are tasks to do, Virgo can keep busy and this diffuses their anxiety. But when there is nothing to do but wait, they have the worst time.

The best way to support them is to help them adapt to a slower pace sometimes demanded by crisis. Helping them be still. Teach them to meditate and remind them that doing so is good for their health. Virgo is a perfectionist and crisis brings challenges to any attempt to be perfect, orderly and in control.

Help Virgo let go of their regimented lifestyle. Remind them of what they can do to be of service but if there is nothing to ‘do,’ help them instead to find other outlets for their anxieties. Helping them to maintain some sense of normal routines can go a long way as well.


libra.pngThose born with Sun in Libra are highly sensitive to any form of conflict. They are more intellectual than sentimental, however crisis is extremely upsetting to them as they need to feel secure and balanced.

Reminding them of the pleasures around them during difficult times can help to soothe their frazzled nerves. You can also support a Libra by providing balance in any form, even a balanced perspective that helps them see purpose or meaning in a crisis.

Helping them to channel their humanitarian energy toward creating compassion, beauty and art in the community is another way to support Libra during a crisis. They may want to retreat into fantasy or escapism, and this can help them cope, but it can be helpful to bring them back to practical matters as well.

They struggle to make decisions and you can be of great help by being a balanced source of feedback or even just a sounding board as they talk themselves through what they need to do next.


scorpio.pngThose born with Sun in Scorpio are the detectives and truth-seekers of the zodiac. They dig beneath the surface to uncover what is hidden.

Crisis doesn’t rattle a Scorpio the way it may impact other signs. Instead of losing perspective, they seek opportunities for transformation. Supporting a Scorpio during time of crisis can come in the form of validating their intuition and supporting their transformation.

They may realign their priorities or make major lifestyle changes. Global crisis may hit Scorpio as a personal awakening but they won’t be forthcoming about what they need. You may need to stay attuned to changes in their mood or personality. Support them on their quest to reinvent themselves because of awakening during a time of massive change.


sagittarius.pngPeople born with Sun in Sagittarius are naturally optimistic. Crisis may hit them in one of two ways.

Sagittarius can become a beacon for others who need hope and inspiration, even if they overestimate themselves or underestimate the circumstances they are in. The other likely reaction is to draw on their optimism to see how crisis can lead to advancement, progress, development and greater wisdom.

Either way, they do need the support of their loved ones during crisis. When difficult realities hit home, it can rock Sagittarius to the core as they are used to finding the silver lining.

Remind them that this is their gift. You can also support Sagittarius by balancing their high enthusiasm with a realistic view of the parameters that will keep them safe. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away and so Sagittarius can use a hand remaining realistic and idealistic at the same time.


capricorn.pngPeople born with Sun in Capricorn are traditionalists who seek security and stability through work. They focus on building strong foundations and creating structures to keep others safe.

Business, finance, work and practical matters are important to them. During times of crisis, Capricorn needs to find some semblance of consistency, predictability and tradition.

Sometimes that is realistic, sometimes it isn’t. If you help Capricorn find a way to be helpful by attending to practical matters or remind them of the abundance and security they do have, even if it is less than they had before, this support can go a long way.

In some ways, Capricorn is well suited to dealing with crisis. Even though they hate change, they have an almost acetic interest in discipline and struggle. Reframe shortage and uncertainty as a process to remind them of their resourcefulness, help them see the crisis as a challenge and they will find greater purpose in it.


aquarius.pngSun in Aquarius embraces change of all kinds and tends to be a rebel whose unconventional personality can ride dramatically changing tides easier than others.

They still need support though. When dramatic circumstances alienate them from their friends, groups and organizations, it can be difficult for them to adapt. They thrive on social situations and if illness or other crisis forces them to scale back their social connections, they will need to remain in touch with their community.

Aquarius can also be supported by validating their unusual, creative ideas. You can support your Aquarius loved one by reminding them they are a rulebreaker and innovator. Help them draw on their creativity and genius to work through dilemmas.

Their energy can be intense and erratic and they may jump in to reaction before really sitting with their deeper feelings. Help support them through grief and loss, for example, by encouraging them to balance emotion and rationality rather than bypassing their feelings.


pisces.pngSun in Pisces is highly sensitive and may take on all of the sorrows of the world even when it is not a crisis. In that regard, when in a state of crisis, Pisces may seem remarkably grounded.

The anxiety and uncertainty felt by others is routine for Pisces, they feel it for everyone, all the time. If they are overwhelmed, they may retreat into escapism and fantasy. For that reason it is helpful to support them by showing compassion and giving them a shoulder to cry on, even from a distance.

Help them by validating their feelings even if you have not been emotionally effected in the same way. Help them make meaning and find purpose by relating the crisis to their spiritual beliefs and values.

Help them stay connected to their loved ones and encourage them to express themselves artistically or through their numerous creative talents.

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