What each sign worries about most during uncertain times (and how they can be reassured)


aries.png Sun in Aries is the confident and ambitious warrior of the zodiac. They’re impetuous and courageous and one could easily conclude that nothing worries Aries.

That’s not true, though. During a crisis or times of great uncertainty, Aries is actually greatly concerned about a number of things. Yes, some of their concerns are self-focused. They worry about their passions and plans being changed. But they also worry about their loved ones.
Aries will be worried about not being able to rescue or help those who are suffering during a crisis and this will become a blow to their ego because they really want to be the hero in every situation.
Aries can be helped by being reminded of their powerlessness. As much as loss of control scares Aries, it can also help them let go of unrealistic expectations.


taurus.pngSun in Taurus focuses on security and stability. They worry greatly about their health and financial standing during uncertain times.

Since they’re practical and down to earth they tend to not freak out however they will become concerned about their stability.

That’s because they have an ongoing sense of exactly what their lifestyle can bear and how much they can sustain, financially. They know their financial and personal limits and don’t like feeling stretched.

They can be reassured by being reminded that they are quite resourceful and creative and always have a knack for creating abundance no matter what the odds are.
They can also be reassured by being reminded of their resources as healers, turning to nutrition and knowledge of herbs for example, to try to maintain health during a crisis.



gemini.pngSun in Gemini is witty, intelligent and has a highly active intellect. All their craving for information and data can help Gemini become a useful source of information during times of uncertainty.

Their talents can also create greater difficulties as their busy mind can spin into anxiety producing narratives.

Gemini can be reassured by those who remind them to stay grounded. A loved one who can actually help anchor Gemini through physical contact when it’s safe to do so or by reframing the crisis and helping Gemini focus on the present and near future will also be helpful.

Encourage them to limit their intake of new information and balance this with other interests to avoid overload.


cancer.pngSun in Cancer is nurturing and caring, their high degree of sensitivity can lead them to become overwhelmed during a crisis.

They will worry about security, home and family. In fact, their greatest anxieties may revolve around not being able to care for loved ones, losing their home or becoming financially unsustainable.

You can reassure Sun in Cancer by helping them use creative outlets to express their feelings. Also, help them stay focused on the ways they can be of assistance to others.

Remind them of the safety nets they have in friends, family and community even if finances are challenged by situations outside of their control. Show empathy and let them vent their emotions.



leo.pngFor all of their confidence and optimism, Sun in Leo has major abandonment fears. They work hard to be in the spotlight because being in charge or being center stage helps them feel like they are helpful to others.

But during a crisis, Leo can become overwhelmed with anxiety that they may be unable to save the world. If they can’t stop bad things from happening, they’ll think to themselves, then will others still see them as important?

The best way to reassure Leo is to remind them that yes, they are still important and loved even if they can’t protect others and save the world.

Remind them of the important impact they are having and encourage them not to take responsibility for the outcome (or onset) of a crisis.



virgo.pngSun in Virgo is generally practical and down to earth. Though they seem level to everyone around them, they can actually mask a great deal of anxiety because their minds are always working.

They’re well aware of all the things that can go wrong even on a good day. So during a crisis their fears go into overdrive. Though they may conceal it well, they’re actually worried about everything from health to the economy. They’ve already sized up how inefficient most people are and their heightened awareness of every shortcoming in others and in communities at large make them fret about impending or current disasters.

They can be reassured through being reminded of people taking responsibility. Virgo’s deep fear is that they need to correct all of the consequences of others’ poor judgment and misinformation.

Reassure them that they don’t in fact need to carry this burden of responsibility and that others are self-sufficient or can find safety nets, its not all up to Virgo. Also, they can be reassured by being reminded to stay focused on what they can change and the impact they can have.



libra.pngSun in Libra seeks balance and fairness and a crisis challenges their core sense of security. They’ll worry about themselves minimally in comparison to their concern about other people.

They may be more consumed by fears for people who are disadvantaged during a crisis. Because of their intense sensitivity to the needs of others and to the need for balance, they won’t find it easy to relax if they are concerned about those who are in worse shape than they are financially, or health wise.

Libra’s anxieties can be reassured by reminding them to find productive ways to be part of the solution.

If they use their creativity and compassion to get involved in relief efforts during a crisis or to make sure the voices of under-represented people are heard, they will feel like they are making positive changes and raising awareness during the crisis situation.



scorpio.pngSun in Scorpio is highly sensitive and intuitive but they also have a penetrating and intense instinct about most situations. They will see beneath the surface when others are focused on their superficial needs.

Scorpio may look at a crisis situation and see the potential for upheaval within larger power structures. Though their personal anxieties will focus on losing ground financially or losing their sense of authority as an individual, they will also worry about what a crisis means for larger power structures in society and what growing pains await in the larger transformation.

Scorpio can be reassured by reminding them of their spiritual and metaphysical beliefs and interests. They can be helped to see crisis as an opportunity for dramatic transformation for individuals and society.

They may also be reassured by reconnecting with their greater intuition and purpose in the midst of crisis. This can be an empowering time as it forces Scorpio to focus on what is really most vital to them.



sagittarius.pngSun in Sagittarius doesn’t usually worry about much. They’re optimistic and enthusiastic and they will be the first to see a silver lining in any situation.

Even in a crisis, they look to make meaning and invite larger spiritual exploration of the philosophical matters exposed by the crisis. Still, they are human and have emotional needs. In spite of their fierce independence, Sagittarius will have to come to terms with limitations and restrictions and that will scare them as much as the crisis itself.

They may also fear that humanity at large will not glean the needed lessons from a crisis situation. You can reassure a Sagittarius by reminding them that they are usually quite influential and can share their wisdom and positive perspective with others.

Help Sagittarius connect with their higher purpose during a time of crisis and they will usually step up to the plate as a healer and leader for others.



capricorn.pngSun in Capricorn is all business and practicality, you’d almost think they don’t worry about much. But that isn’t true. Capricorn gets stressed when they feel their security is threatened and when they are forced to make changes they aren’t ready for.

Crisis situations can really challenge a Capricorn’s character as they may feel pushed outside of their comfort zone with little warning. They’ll worry about how a crisis will change their traditions, routines and stability. Yes, much of their concerns will be financial but that is because they see finances as an offshoot of personal survival and even health.

They will also worry about family and connection to those they feel responsible for. Reassuring a Capricorn can be as simple as redirecting them to focus on their sense of purpose and duty. They love feeling like they have a job to do.

Help them figure out what their ‘job’ is in navigating the crisis situation. Also help them ease their grip on the past. Remind them that improvements and progress and yes even stability can come as a result of letting go for a while.


aquarius.pngSun in Aquarius is the innovator and quirky individualist of the zodiac. They have a highly intense personality and can be both intuitive and intellectual. They may seem off in their own world and when crisis hits, although they are human, their concerns may surprise you.

That’s because Aquarius thinks differently than the crowd. If everyone is worried about the earthquake, Aquarius is reacting to the next wave of aftershocks. They worry about how crisis effects the broader path society is taking and whether it will lead to greater social and political upheaval.

They aren’t heartless but it is not in their nature to worry about their individual well being or even those closest to them. They will be worried about the larger community first and their more intimate connections second. It’s just the way they think.

Help them find reassurance by reminding them that there are always unexpected factors that create resources and opportunities. Validate their instincts but remind them to take a step back and analyze the situation, remind them also that they don’t have to save the world.


pisces.pngSun in Pisces is compassionate and highly sensitive. They are intuitive and empathic and can be easily overwhelmed by mass emotion and uncertainty during a crisis.

What will stress them out most about a crisis is the raging emotional rollercoaster because they will feel every bit of it.

To reassure Pisces, help them stay grounded and use different meditation and visualization tools to separate their energy from the emotions and energy of others. They are extremely empathic and will feel the pain and suffering of those around them.

Validate their experiences and then remind them of ways they can be of service helping others express their emotional pain. Reminding Pisces of their spiritual connection and spiritual beliefs can help them navigate through a crisis as well.

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