Sun and Moon aspects in the Birth Chart: How's the relationship with your parents?

relationship-with-parents-466.jpg Sun conjunct Moon

One of your parents acted both the maternal and paternal roles and was more up front at parenting or stronger than the other.

However, you possibly had a happy childhood and might have become responsible and independent at a very young age due to your parents’ education, and you feel very comfortable with that.

The messages your parents send you are clear and reflect their alignment with each other. You’ve integrated the masculine and feminine qualities in yourself. You are highly influenced by the mother image, the past, family and you have deeply rooted habits.

Sun sextile Moon

Your relationship with your parents has been supportive, having a positive impact on your development.

You developed skills and gifts from both parents that can bring success in your professional career and relationships. Your parents motivate you and encourage you to be yourself without imposing their desires on you.

During your childhood, both of your parents played out their roles accordingly, nurtured you and made you feel safe. You are comfortable relating with both genders, which mirrors the inner absence of conflicts regarding genders roles.

This integration of the feminine and masculine images contributes essentially to happy romantic relationships.

Sun square Moon

Your parents had some level of incompatibility, or at least that’s what you have perceived since you were a child. You might have identified with one of your parents much more than the other, or one of them was more important while raising you and you kept the other in the shadow of your consciousness.

Negative patterns from the relationship with your parents might resurface with your romantic relationships.

You may feel ongoing tension in your relationships with others until you recognize the underlying discomfort you have with your own masculine (ambitious, creative, assertive) and feminine (nurturing, empathic, emotional) energies.

This frustration can lead you to challenge yourself when it comes to healing and relationships. As a result of having to work harder to attain integration, you are likely to take this process and what you gain from it, seriously.

Sun trine Moon

Your relationship with your parents is friendly, nurturing and open. You may have no secrets from them and feel that they have been transparent guides for you as well.

Others may marvel at how close your relationship is with your parents and how easily you trust in your abilities of confidence and nurturing. The template formed in your early life is likely to help you succeed and you may be so fortunate as to not fully recognize that not everyone had the solid foundation you had.

You may be surprised to later learn that not all relationships are as fundamentally supportive and balanced as the one you experienced growing up in your family.

Sun opposite Moon

Your are likely to have a dichotomous, all or nothing view of your parents. One is likely to be your hero while the other may be the target of blame, at least in your own mind.

You may unconsciously also project your insecurities and fears onto the parent you perceive as weaker or less of an ally, while idolizing the other and aspiring to be like them.

You may be inclined to view others as either friends or enemies or feeling you must be dependent or completely independent without knowing how to balance these dualities.

Unless you embrace the importance of both of your parents and integrate both masculine and feminine energies into yourself, one part of yourself will not accept your history and experiences and what you have been influenced by.

Until you have addressed these early influences you may feel like your life isn’t truly your own and that you are living in the shadow of one parent who is your ideal and another who seems to haunt you and represent what you avoid becoming.

Sun quincunx Moon

Your early experiences create a pervasive tension in your relationship to your parents. You may perceive a difficult relationship with one or both or feel as though you have to suppress or change your true nature in order to gain their approval.

Attempts to harmonize your relationship with them, or even to try to mediate their relationship to each other, can put a burden on you early in life. You may feel the need to sacrifice your interests and identity in order to heal the relationship or play mediator.

With experience and maturity you can grow to recognize the strengths and challenges each parent brought to your life while simultaneously preserving a separate understanding of who you are as an individual without seeing yourself as a reflection of your parents and their conflicts with each other.

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