Sun and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your personality support your success and your fame?


personality-success-fame-466.jpg Sun conjunct Midheaven

Your personality drives you to reach success in life. You measure success in proportion to the amount of public visibility you get.

Even if you build something valuable, if your accomplishment does not involve notoriety for you, it is not gratifying.

Since perseverance and commitment are qualities you apply in your tasks, in time you can slowly but surely reach your goals. You don't choose easy objectives and you are likely to experience several ups and downs in your path to success.

Politics and public life are familiar places to apply your skills.

Since you don't want to depend on anybody, you need to work in an independent way. But independence, when excessive, can brings an aloof and arrogant attitude which might alienate you from collaborators.

Sun sextile Midheaven

Your personality tends to be popular and you have visible success in life. Your skills, your ego and your ambitions are aligned for you to become a public figure.

You may consider yourself to be solely responsible for your success, yet you are usually supported by friends, family or a team that helps you rise to your full potential.

You have a good connection with authority figures and your diplomatic nature helps you accomplish your goals.

Sun square Midheaven

Your personality needs to be expressed and visible through your actions.

It is possible that in your childhood you got the message that life is hard and that you need to work harder to become accepted by society.

This conditioning set work and success as your priorities, sometimes causing you to forget about your emotional needs and the ones of the people close to you.

When you reach a certain status, you shouldn't consider who didn't reach the same level as inferior. Not everybody values career and status as you do.

Early life challenges may impact your confidence, however you are also more likely to summon your motivation and ambition because you are trying to overcome limitations and prove yourself to others.

Sun trine Midheaven

Your personality tends to be popular and you have visible success in life. Your skills, your ego and your ambitions are aligned for you to become a public figure.

You may also excel in career fields involving politics, entertainment and leadership in business. You have a long list of achievements dating back to childhood.

You are proud of your strengths and creativity and may not always recognize how a combination of supportive people and fortunate opportunities helped you to reach success. You are also hard working and ambitious yet your pride may cause you to overlook the lucky breaks you received.

You have a strong sense of who you are and what you want to accomplish and you are a natural leader.

Sun opposite Midheaven

You have mixed feelings about authority figures. On one hand you admire them because of their achievements, but also you come into conflict with them, especially when young, because you feel them to be dominant.

As a result you may seek attention and power and then feel uncomfortable when you receive it. You may alternate between feeling confident in your gifts and your individuality only to suddenly panic at the thought of not truly being prepared for success or feeling like a fraud.

You need to work on integrating your confidence and optimism into your career so that it comes from authentic connection to your gifts and strengths, not from a projected public image that covers up deeper insecurities.

Sun quincunx Midheaven

You may hide from your potential as a leader, instead shirking responsibility or giving more attention to home and personal life than to public and career life.

You may feel compelled at times to place yourself in the public eye yet not feel confident that you can succeed. You may also doubt your ability to handle the scrutiny and attention that accompanies publicity.

At some point however you will have the opportunity to develop greater self confidence and come to embrace that part of your path involves leadership and status.

Until you have learned to work through your ego desires and fears, this path will continually lead to disappointment.

Once you have gained greater awareness of your true purpose and the reason you need a public platform to reach your goals, you will realize it really is not about fame and ego to begin with.

This will free you from having to justify your desires and ambition and will help you succeed because your purpose is about more than your own image.

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