Moon and Mercury aspects in the Birth Chart: How are your feelings and your rational mind connected?


2-3-feelings.rational-mind.jpg Moon conjunct Mercury

The world of feelings and emotional vulnerability are well connected with your rational and analytical skills.

Your unconscious mind and the rationality join to give you strong intuitions and gut feelings.

You can see with clarity what drives your emotions, even though sometimes you tend to justify your emotional choices through over-intellectualizing or to control your feelings through rationality.

You can feel the “vibes” around you quite easily. Since you can become easily hurt, you might react at times with hypersensitivity and become emotionally shut down.

Your qualities of being a good listener and your supportive understanding of the human soul and emotional needs of others can make you a good psychologist or counselor.

You have a predisposition for humanistic subjects. Your imaginative world and the capacity to communicate what's inside your mind is also highly developed and this makes you also keen to become a good writer.

Teaching and parenting skills are also developed in you.

Moon sextile Mercury

Your feelings and your intellect work in harmony.

You are compassionate and understanding. You can observe your own and others' feelings in an empathic way without becoming too involved.

Your mind is very adaptable. You can switch from logical to emotional intelligence with ease and get the most of both modalities.

Intelligence and knowledge feed your emotional life. You are naturally curious and love to explore a variety of subjects, but without forgetting the human side.

Your imagination is rich and feeds your intellectual curiosity. You prefer themes and subjects with a humanistic approach.

Your writing is an inspiration to others.

Moon square Mercury

You have a hard time discriminating between your own emotional needs and the rational motivations behind your reactions.

It is not easy for you to blend your intellectual and intuitive natures. Under pressure or when challenged, however, you push yourself outside your comfort zone and delve deeper into your emotional, intuitive side.

Slowing down your mind seems difficult for you. Meditation might greatly help to balance your energies.

You are quite sensitive to criticism. You become touchy when you feel even slightly threatened about your emotional support and the people you are attached to, especially your family and children.

Acknowledging the importance of accepting both rationality and the emotional life is the key for your inner growth.

Moon trine Mercury

You are well versed in both verbal and emotional language and can easily articulate your feelings. You express your nurturing side through spoken and written communication as well.

You may help people put their own feelings into words and your instincts are usually spot on because you maintain connection to both intuition and reason.

Through writing you can communicative your feelings better and you can inspire people to know themselves. You can be adaptable and flexible in your thinking and your creativity may be expressed through writing.<

Moon opposite Mercury

At times you try to rationalize your instinctual drives, at other times you suppress them through logical thinking. In both cases, the instinctual and rational channels are not balanced with each other and one usually prevails over the other.

Your intellect and your feelings are in a continuous struggle and this tension might produce troubles in your digestive or nervous system, in the form of anxiety or obsessive thoughts. Also, it might block decisions.

Your creativity can easily turn against you as your mind can devise all kinds of negative scenarios when you are stressed out. Anxiety and moodiness can result from following the story line created by your mind and emotions without checking this narrative with reality.

Since you have the skills to rationally explore your unconscious reactions, you would do well to explore them through spiritual workshops where you can observe your mind in a safe and evolutive setting.

Moon quincunx Mercury

Your intellect could work in synchronicity with your emotions and intuition yet you will not recognize the power of these signals in your early life.

Before you learn to distinguish between your emotional needs, intuition and intellect you may confuse every impulse for facts. You may also misunderstand the importance of emotions, either disregarding them altogether or giving them the power to rule over your rational mind.

One of your life lessons will involve harmonizing your mind and emotions and trusting both for the unique messaging system they provide without only looking to one or the other.

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