Moon and Jupiter aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you bring your emotions to the world?


2-6-emotions-to-the-world.jpg Moon conjunct Jupiter

Your feelings are extensive, and they expand to the environment and people around you.

Compassion and care for the less fortunate and for children are driving forces of your soul.

You have a social and political vision of a better world and you want to act factually on it, with an optimistic attitude toward problem solving.

You are a good listener and you can feel others' feelings.

You tend to overindulge. Be careful not to channel your frustrations into food or drinking when your emotions are imbalanced.

Moon sextile Jupiter

Philosophy and ethics are driving forces of your emotional involvement in the world.

You feel compassion toward the less fortunate in the world and want to act toward better conditions.

You are naturally generous, sometimes even too much, making you susceptible to being taken advantage of by manipulative people who prey on your compassionate attitude.

You tend to overspend in the believe the future will always be positive. You can get into trouble if you spend through credit.

Moon square Jupiter

Your intellect is biased by your strong emotional reactions.

You are naturally generous especially with people in need, but you need to practice discernment to avoid being taken advantage of by manipulative people.

Emotions are intense and need to be moderated especially when you are in intimate relationships with others, not necessarily in a couple's setting, also in a familiar environment.

Meditation is a way to observe and detach from unbalanced and compulsive feelings.

Moon trine Jupiter

Your instincts always lead you toward new opportunities to act on your idealistic and benevolent vision. You are highly creative, intuitive and progressive in your thinking. You are a natural leader and you help awaken people to their full potential.

You are naturally generous, sometimes even too much, making you susceptible to being taken advantage of by manipulative people who prey on your compassionate attitude.

You may seem unusually lucky when it comes to attracting wealth and abundance. You follow your instincts and nurture your dreams and opportunities fall into place that help you fulfill your mission.

Moon opposite Jupiter

The intensity of your feelings can lead to impulsivity. You may be overwhelmed by your shifting moods and not have reliable outlets to express yourself. As a result you may be prone to going to extremes of self indulgence.

This can cause dire consequences for your health and finances. You may completely disregard your feelings out of fear of losing control and overspending or overeating.

Once you learn how to work with your instincts and emotions as motivation for your bigger vision, you can be extremely fortunate and successful.

Moon quincunx Jupiter

You don’t initially trust your instincts and may lack confidence in your full potential early in life. You have the potential to be a nurturing leader whose compassion and instincts help improve society in significant ways.

In order to prepare to fulfill this aspect of your mission however you will need to find ways to authentically express your creative, idealistic side. Until you learn to do this you may display exaggerated reactions that hide insecurities and a lack of confidence in your abilities.

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