Moon and Saturn aspects in the Birth Chart: Do you expose your vulnerable feelings and how do your emotions lead you to withdraw or seek control?


    2-7-soft-withdraw.jpg Moon conjunct Saturn

    The Moon's vulnerable feelings are affected by Saturn's seriousness. You don't show your emotions easily, unless you feel 100% safe and accepted.

    You are careful, even circumspect when it comes to social contacts.

    You experienced some sort of control issues in your childhood and your original family. You have been forced to grow up ahead of your time and assume heavy responsibilities. You were likely more mature in your behavior than your biological age.

    You might have been controlled and disciplined in a distressing way and you tend to control your own feelings.

    You might have gotten the impression you weren't loved by your parents and this influenced your attitude toward giving and receiving love.

    You erected a defense barrier to protect your feelings, which can inhibit spontaneity and the “inner child” vulnerable feelings.

    Hardly do you expect support when you are in emotional trouble. You are used to sorting out your issues by your own, but you are willing to give a helping hand to people you care.

    You need to trust people more. If you open more, people will also respond in an open way.

    You tend to connect with reliable, responsible, emotionally mature and serious people. You avoid superficiality and shallowness. If you can't connect with such people, you'd rather have solitary activities.

    You tend to get attached to things and memories of your past, even to sad memories.

    Working on your inner child wounds through psychotherapy and meditation can help to heal your scars, improve your relationships and give a brighter outlook at life.

    Once you become more aware of your inner issues, you can become a wonderful support for children and old people as well.

    Moon sextile Saturn

    Your emotions are stable and strong. You can manage a certain amount of emotional stress and not become too reactive by observing your emotions in a detached way.

    You don't show your soft or vulnerable emotions openly, but your feelings are honest and not manipulative.

    You enjoyed a nourishing presence of older people, maybe grandparents, during your childhood.

    You have the ability to sustain concentration and focus for a long time and channel energy to supporting your studies and career. You are organized and steadfast.

    Responsibilities and duties don't scare you. You can pass through many difficulties to reach your ambitions or to support children in need.

    You understand children and represent a source of security and teaching for them.

    Practical skills help you to give shape to your imagination.

    Moon square Saturn

    Your old emotional patterns and wounds limit your openness to relationships. You are very circumspect in showing and sharing your feelings.

    You family might have limited your individual goals and your social life, and you tend to be emotionally less flexible.

    You tend to be reserved and at times an aloof and secluded person with a melancholy attitude. There's a thick wall that you erect toward people who aren't in your short “can trust” list.

    You often feel you are “not enough” and are concerned about people's judgments.

    You are very sensitive; even slight criticism can hurt your self-esteem.

    You either work hard to convey a good impression and become accepted, or you avoid social connections, afraid your supposed shortcomings would be uncovered.

    The key for you would be to accept yourself as you are, with your human limitations, feeling acceptance and valuing your perseverance and serious attitude more.

    Sometimes you feel what you have, in terms of material possessions or relationships, is not safe and you want to defend the objects of your attachments from supposed threats.

    Moon trine Saturn

    You are emotionally sensitive, empathic toward others and intuitively connected yet you also possess enough practical energy and steadfastness to allow your instincts to guide you effectively.

    When you sense intuitive or emotional signals, you don’t jump to conclusions or rush into a panic. Instead you are considerate and patient and you aren’t afraid to work and wait for what you really want.

    Your instincts can help you succeed in career and business. You aren’t afraid to build a stable foundation from the ground up. You may be particularly interested in matters of business, real estate, the home and family.

    Securing your future through calculated measures while not losing sight of your human connection to others is important to you.

    Moon opposite Saturn

    You may feel torn between your intuitive drive and instinctual feelings and the old messages of what you were raised to believe you ‘have to’ do. You feel tied to tradition and history but at the same time feel restricted by this as well.

    You don’t like to take risks and will hesitate even if it means missing good opportunities, rather than taking a chance that may cost you financially or emotionally.

    Moon quincunx Saturn

    Your early experiences lead you to develop insecurities about what it means to ‘grow up’ and accept responsibility for your life purpose and work. As a result you may avoid responsibility or use emotional manipulation in relationships to create situations where others take care of you.

    With time and maturity you can grow to develop an instinctual understanding of ways that your nurturing abilities can help create a firm foundation for your relationships. You can also develop a serious attitude toward family and business.

    Once you overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling afraid of your own instincts, emotional needs and abilities to take care of your own practical needs, you can become grounded and caring toward others.

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