Moon and Neptune aspects in the Birth Chart: How are your unconscious and imaginative life?


2-9-imaginitive-life.jpg Moon conjunct Neptune

Your unconscious is very active, and you have a huge imagination and fantasy life.

You have a very sensitive, compassionate nature and you are easily hurt.

To escape the distress of conflict and to protect yourself, you tend to withdraw into your inner world by avoiding contact with the world and neglecting your responsibilities.

Be careful not to fall into substance abuse to numb your pain.

You absorb the energies and the emotions around you with little protection. You need to choose the people and places with the right energy to feel safe.

You find it difficult to assert your view and to fight for your rights. You prefer to give up or to resort to emotional manipulative techniques when the time for confrontation comes.

Your intuitive abilities border on psychic, visionary and mystical skills. You need to be careful not to be involved too deeply with occult energies which might mess with your delicate nervous system.

Your perception isn't always clear and you risk believing in what's not grounded in reality.

You tend to idealize people. Be careful not to be taken advantage of by people who have hidden motivations.

You are a great listener with emphatic qualities, identifying with the person.

A job where the human factor is present, as in social working, healing, teaching, helping is suited to you. Also, you need an environment where art and music are present to trigger your feelings.

You have a nourishing attitude and you can understand the evolution and the development of a human being.

You might excel in supporting troubled children.

Moon sextile Neptune

You have a highly imaginative mind which feeds your emotions and your narrative skills. You can fascinate people through your words and writings.

Empathy and compassion are driving forces in your relationships and in your job. You can listen with attention and understand others' feelings through your intuitions.

Visions, intuitions and even premonitions are part of your highly spiritual mind.

You can sacrifice yourself for a beloved or for people in need. You can let go of your selfish needs quite easily, but this should be done once you feel safe. People might take advantage of your good intentions.

You might be skilled also in other forms of creative expression and arts, as in dancing. Being able to identify with others' feelings, also acting might be something you might excel in.

Moon square Neptune

When you are under stress or mounting pressure you can learn to distinguish between your rich inner world of fantasy and imagination and the physical world around you. Under typical circumstances however, the boundary between your inner and outer worlds is blurry.

You are easily confused about your own emotions and the emotions of those around you. In this case your powerful creative mind can work against you by inventing narratives about the intentions of others and the world around you which may not be fact based.

You have a preference for retreating into your imaginary life and while your inner world can be a source of creative inspiration, fueling projects that help to keep you balanced, it is more likely you will use your abilities to escape reality.

If the escape is not complete enough, emotional turmoil can compel you to experiment with drugs or alcohol to retreat further from reality and this only complicates the challenges already present in your life. It is much more helpful for you to transmute conflict using your imagination and creativity, rather than seeking to avoid it.

Moon trine Neptune

You are highly sensitive and imaginative. You feel things intensely and are empathically attuned to the energy of others. Your antenna to the spiritual world is fine tuned and as a result you easily perceive messages and guidance from beyond this physical realm.

You are likely to be as sensitive as a tuning fork, responding to every instinct, and receiving every energetic signal around you.

This is a blessing in some ways, as it is not at all difficult for you to open your mind and heart to the interconnectivity of all of creation. The difficulties arise when you are unable to distinguish the meaning of the numerous signals you perceive.

You may become easily overwhelmed and retreat further into your inner fantasy world. Your creativity in this sense can be a crutch because it shields you from dealing with your surroundings and distracts you from the important messages from your emotions.

Your imaginary life is so well developed that you may become confused about the difference between your intuition and higher guidance and your unconscious desires. Especially in love and relationships, you may respond to your own wishful thinking, assuming it is divine guidance.

Moon opposite Neptune

Having much creativity, you can fascinate people through your speech, imagination and writings.

You try to bend reality according to your emotional needs. Sometimes for you it is not clear where reality ends and imagination starts, so you might tell lies and manipulate others emotionally even without your intention.

You tend to become attracted to idealistic figures with little connection to reality. Feeding an impossible ideal is functional to protect you from reality's disappointments.

You need to face the real world, by observing your emotional reactions for what they are, without becoming lost in a net of confusing thoughts. Meditation greatly helps in detaching from thoughts and unmanageable emotions.

Your source of confusion might come from your early years where you felt your mother was a source of changes, confusion and unreliability.

You are tempted to resort to alcohol or substances to lower the emotional pressure and to keep staying in an imaginary world without facing reality, or to just withdraw in a passive state where responsibilities are avoided.

What might help you is to become grounded in body work and in inner inquiring. Massage, martial arts, and yoga can contribute to your centering and to face reality without escaping from it.

Moon quincunx Neptune

You don’t initially understand the power of your intuition and vulnerable emotions and so you may seek to suppress your emotional, empathic nature. In doing so you are likely to also stifle the gifts that will help you reach greater depths of intimacy.

Your creativity may be used as a shield from reality in your early life. To avoid difficult feelings or interpersonal conflicts, you are likely to escape into your inner world and withdraw from others.

With maturity and experience, you will learn how to harness your powers of vulnerability, intuition and compassion in order to create deeper romantic and personal connections.

In addition you will be able to learn to develop spiritually and emotionally to the point where your intuition is easily accessed and your creativity becomes a part of your coping mechanism when under stress, rather than a defense that you hide behind.

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