Moon and Pluto aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you deal with extreme emotional transformations?

    By 12andus

    2-10-intense-feelings.jpg Moon conjunct Pluto

    Your emotions are very intense and sometimes almost uncontrollable.

    You developed a strong sense of self-control, afraid you might lose control of your volcanic feelings. Your magnetic emotional power can bring you to control and manipulate others' feelings as well.

    Your feelings can become obsessive when you are in need. You can become fanatical about your areas of interest, where you can exert intense force of will.

    In relationships you want a person with whom you can feel and express your intensity.

    You will be totally immersed in your partner. Jealousy and possessiveness might be integral parts of your relationship attitude. You give much and expect the same.

    Since you seek transformation and evolution through emotional crises, you often stay on the border of the end of a relationship, where the end and a new beginning always luring you. This can take a toll on your emotional balance.

    You have a deep interest in everything that allows you to delve beneath the surface, as in the occult, spiritual, life after death and scientific unresolved mysteries. Psychology and sexuality are also main themes in your life.

    You can easily spot lies and people's emotional issues, even tracing them to their roots. You have an innate understanding of human problems and you can be a healer or psychologist.

    You need to release your emotions in a healthy way, by practicing martial arts or tantra, otherwise you might release them through aggressive or manipulative manners.

    Moon sextile Pluto

    You have x-ray vision when it comes to understanding others’ motives and underlying issues beneath the surface of every situation. You are intuitive, magnetically attractive to others and intensely emotional.

    You may conceal your deep emotional tides because you never want to appear to be out of control. Even when you are successful in hiding them however, your emotions and instincts play a significant role in guiding your decision.

    You aren’t inclined to use your perceptive abilities for selfish reasons and are more likely to be nurturing toward others and help others during times of transition and change. You may work as a counselor or therapist, helping others to recognize their fears and nurturing them through the healing process.

    Moon square Pluto

    You hardly manage the intensity of your feelings and you are concerned with being controlled by others. You tend to dominate others for fear of becoming dominated. This can create relationship issues.

    Often you are quite provocative in expressing your feelings, even becoming proud of having so many enemies.

    You seek emotional confrontations to reach the truth, but this is seen as harsh by people.

    When frustration grow in you, you tend to block it until you explode or implode resulting in sabotage or hurting yourself.

    You have a magnetic nature and you must be careful not to take advantage of it by manipulating people.

    You seek money and power, which are on the top of your preoccupations, to feel emotional security and not being powerless towards others.

    The main issue is about trust. In order not to feel threatened, you need to upgrade your concept of trust, trusting the existence that anything happening to you is a chance to deepen your awareness.

    Moon trine Pluto

    Your emotional life is very intense, deep but mostly under the surface. Rarely do you expose and show your deepest feelings.

    You can face your own emotional difficult issues and other people's. What might scare others is an invitation for you.

    Skilled in understanding people's emotions and their hidden motivations, you can become a good counselor, therapist or even a spiritual guide.

    Mysteries lurking beneath the surface trigger your interest and you are fascinated by the unknown.

    You support people you care for in a selfless way and you are very loyal toward friends.

    Moon opposite Pluto

    Your deep seated insecurities and intense emotional tides cause you to try to fight off your feelings altogether. In doing so you also disconnect yourself from your instincts and intuition.

    You may have difficulty trusting others but this originates with not trusting yourself. You want so badly to be in control at all times that you try to dominate others or go to great lengths to control yourself.

    When seeking control in all situations doesn’t work, as it inevitably will prove not to, you may become paranoid or lash out at others. You may also abruptly end relationships and transform your entire life.

    When this happens it is an attempt to run away by starting over, as opposed to what you could potentially experience which is genuine personal transformation and growth.

    Moon quincunx Pluto

    Your insecurities lead you to vacillate between dominating others to try to compensate for your own securities, and hiding away from your true inner power.

    You may spin your wheels at first trying to exert influence over others in emotionally manipulative ways by either playing the victim or trying to use money and material wealth to impress and control others.

    With time and experience you may mature to trust your instincts and allow your nurturing abilities to show through in powerful ways. When you learn to feel comfortable with your own emotions and intuition you can become a nurturing, healing guide for others. You may also be able to help others experience their own personal transformation.

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