Moon and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your sensitivity guide you to fulfill your destiny?

2-10-intense-feelings.jpg Moon conjunct North Node

You are emotionally sensitive and in tune with changing tides in your life.

You can sense when you are on the brink of a breakthrough or when you have outgrown relationships or patterns in your life.

You are highly intuitive and feel emotionally drawn to pursue your path. You may have to develop an understanding of the distinction between your erratic emotions and sensitivity to energy and true intuition.

Once you have a clear sense of the difference however, your instincts will guide you in the right direction to fulfilling your purpose.

Your path is likely to include roles that involve nurturing others, developing a business, or providing emotional healing and security for those around you. First, however you must learn valuable lessons about nurturing, emotional healing and trusting your instincts.

Moon sextile North Node

You may have a Karmic relationship with your mother or mother figures in your life.

Significant healing is reached through the nurturing process and as a result you become a nurturer to others. Your path may involve careers in counseling or business, especially businesses related to domestic life or children.

Your instincts are fine tuned and you have no problem following your feelings rather than relying on logic alone. You navigate the path to fulfilling your destiny by listening to your gut and riding the changing emotional tides through various life cycles. You know how to adapt and make the most of every situation.

Moon square North Node

You are likely to ignore your instincts and dismiss or second guess your intuition and in doing so, you may wander in circles, not advancing toward your greater destiny.

When you aren’t open to the signs around you during times of stability, you may find that crises erupt in order to get your attention and push you in the direction you needed to be on in the first place.

When you become aware of this you can become more open to your intuition and receptive to the signals from your instincts. In doing so you may be able to avoid conflicts and challenges and take a more straightforward path to fulfilling your destiny.

Moon trine North Node

You are easily in sync with your calling and your instincts guide you to follow the path that leads you to fulfilling your destiny.

You feel secure about your intuition and are likely to trust your gut even if it leads you to a unique path that others don’t understand at first. In time they will see that you did exactly what you needed to do every step of the way.

Your destiny may involve your nurturing abilities, healing connections to family and creating a secure home like environment for others.

You may experience lucky opportunities and synchronicities that help you advance on the path to fulfilling your mission, yet you also create your own luck by trusting your higher guidance and being receptive to the steps needed to fulfill your mission.

Moon opposite North Node

Your instincts may present valuable information yet you are likely to overlook opportunities at first because your emotions are also fueled by insecurities and self doubt.

You may feel an obsessive pull toward what you believe to be your destiny, only to find out you have gotten off course with distractions that mask unresolved emotional wounds.

It may take some time to distinguish between intuition and fear, or to move past anxieties and false impressions. You may have several changes in direction before finding your true path to fulfilling your purpose.

Once you have gotten on track, intuition can lead you to fulfill your dreams.

Moon quincunx North Node

Initially, you may allow insecurities and fears to keep you from grasping your full potential. You may instinctively feel drawn to a certain path and feel on some level that you have found your destiny.

In spite of this, you will not initially feel ready or worthy to fully pursue this path. Instead you may distract yourself with relationships, caretaking and codependency. You may use your emotional ups and downs as diversions from really listening to your intuition and following your path.

Eventually you will come to understand that you are capable of fulfilling your mission and will nurture your dreams instead of hiding from them.

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