Moon and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How are your emotions connected to your external personality?

2-11-emotions-personality.jpg Moon conjunct Ascendant

There are two opposite tendencies in you. You need an emotional connection with people, but at the same time you tend to withdraw when others show their emotional involvement.

You become too worried about close people's lives.

You need to have a job with human contacts, but sometimes you might become drained by people's issues and you tend to withdraw to a quiet place to recharge your feelings.

Moon sextile Ascendant

You have an easygoing attitude and are appreciated by people for your sensitivity and imagination.

You are recognized by others as a nurturing, caring person who can be shrewd when it comes to business and protecting those you love. You are also recognized for being intuitive and having keen perception of others’ feelings and motivations.

Generally people are drawn to you for the qualities you embody and seek you out when they need kindness, healing, and encouragement.

Sometimes you should be careful of people wanting to take advantage of your supportive nature.

You are an open book in showing your emotions.

Moon square Ascendant

You are quite emotional. Since your moods change quickly, it creates issues with relationships and with sticking on the decisions you made.

You need to feel needed all the time. This makes you insecure in relationships. You think you aren't doing enough and you resort to become submissive.

You might become too emotional in dealing with people and tend to complain about small things.

Moon trine Ascendant

You have an easygoing attitude and are appreciated by people for your sensitivity and imagination. You are protective and nurturing of others and are also intuitive and creative.

You can channel your nurturing and creative aspects in work, becoming a successful business person, or in family, in which you are loyal, caring and protective of others.

You are seen as devoted and unwavering when it comes to your relationships and any goals you are passionate about. Other admire your attitude of perseverance and emotional commitment which withstands any fluctuations in your mood.

Others also recognize and are drawn to your sensitivity and loving energy. It is so easy for you to be transparent with your emotions that others respect your openness and vulnerability.

Moon opposite Ascendant

You know that your emotions are strong and always flow to the surface. It is impossible for you to keep a poker face, yet you will still try.

This is because you are likely to be fundamentally uncomfortable with your own emotions and prefer to stifle them. When they rise to the surface and become transparent, which they always do, you feel like a walking target.

You may also become embarrassed because you feel vulnerable because your feelings are known and seen by others.

Ironically, if you invest the energy that you use trying to hide your feelings and develop ways to cope with and express them adequately, embracing them in their fullest expressions, you would actually find great power and relief. Rather than running from you, others would be drawn to your authenticity as well.

Moon quincunx Ascendant

You feel insecure about who you are and as a result it is not easy for you to be yourself in relationships.

You may try to compromise aspects of your beliefs and values to fit in with others. You may feel disconnected from your emotions and not trust your instincts and intuition.

With experience and time you will come to adjust your beliefs about who you are and your right to express your identity. You will also become more confident in your ability to nurture yourself and others and understand that you are deserving of love and compassion.

You will come to trust your instincts and intuition and these traits will become part of what others recognize as unique and valuable about you.

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