Moon and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How are your feelings connected to your career?

2-12-feelings-career.jpg Moon conjunct Midheaven

Your emotions are connected and functional to your career. You might have chosen a career that revolves around supporting people.

Your mother and women in general might have had a big role in your career and visibility to the world. She might have been quite supportive in this regard.

You instinctively feel what the public wants. Such skill makes you keen to be successful in marketing or in a political career. You feel security in being professionally visible.

Your need of belonging is strong, and you want to establish roots in your territory, in the workplace and in your family. You might become overprotective and limit people's expression though.

Structure and organization are your focus in your profession.

Since you have a developed sensitivity, you want to support people, especially children.

Moon sextile Midheaven

You share your sensitivity with the world and are concerned about how to bridge your love of humanity and your career.

Understanding others' feelings might be instrumental to your profession as a counselor, psychologist or educator.

Since you understand the public's needs and sentiments, you also excel in marketing.

Moon square Midheaven

You can develop strong attachments to people and to objects, which might become a substitute for emotional security.

There's a conflict between your need for emotional support and your presence in the world and in your career.

The emotional issues formed in your early years conflict with your professional career, especially when it comes to your need to feel supported and part of a community. This might express either in a needy way or by withdrawing into isolation.

It is best to find your roots and emotional support inside of yourself, which will allow you to jump into the world and be exposed to a larger public.

Moon trine Midheaven

Your emotions are instrumental to growth in your career and you are likely to follow your instincts when it comes to advancing professionally.

Careers requiring you to have a high degree of empathy and emotional sensitivity to others such as counseling, healing, coaching and even marketing are ideal for you.

You are creative and sensitive but also shrewd in business. You can be a great negotiator and find a way to make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

Moon opposite Midheaven

You may fear the spotlight and public life and prefer to stay in the secure confines of home and family. In doing so, however you are actually resisting what could lead to a prominent and successful career.

You may allow insecurities and emotional ups and downs deter you from focusing on your career, assuming or fearing that you will not succeed.

At the same time, however, you feel compelled to move toward a career path that is calling to you. This may be counseling, healing or working with families and children.

You may vacillate between pursuing your career and avoiding or sabotaging it.

The more you work to stabilize your own emotional security, the easier it will be for you to succeed in your career.

Moon quincunx Midheaven

You may be confused about your career path or have anxieties about work and your public image. Initially you may prefer to be a homebody, investing your energy in your personal life and shying away from situations that put you in the spotlight.

With time and experience however you gain confidence in your creativity and nurturing abilities. You will then be able to assume more prominent positions in your career, embracing your gifts and trusting your instincts.

Your career will help you express your creative, nurturing energy. You may end up excelling as a therapist or in work involving family, children or real estate. After experiencing your own emotional healing you may work to help others who are on the same path.

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