Mercury and Venus aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you connect love and communication?

3-4-love-communication.jpg Mercury conjunct Venus

You approach people with a curious and gentle attitude and generally you have good social skills.

You communicate in a balanced way. Your non-judgmental attitude and gentle manners make people willing to open up and share their feelings with you.

You are a good listener and have special skills when it comes to conveying your words in a soft, but persuasive manner.

You know how to seduce through the right words. You love to write about love and eroticism.

You need a relationship where communication is important and where you can sort out issues through mutual understanding.

Since you know how to express yourself and your feelings, you might excel in writing, marketing and counselling.

Mercury sextile Venus

Generally you are approachable and agreeable, but you don't tolerate vulgar people. However, you prefer to ignore them rather than quarrel.

In your relationships, you want to improve communication and mutual understanding through verbal expression.

Sometimes you tend to rationalize feelings, but you don't fully disconnect from your feelings.

You have special skills that allows you to integrate verbal or written communication and art. You might be a good writer, especially when it comes to subjects connected to arts, love, eroticism.

You easily understand people's needs and emotions and know how to convey messages in an effective way. Those features give you excellent marketing skills.

Since people can feel at ease with you, seducing by words and flirting are your specialties.

Mercury square Venus

You value communication and mutual understanding in every area of your life, but especially in your relationships and job.

You might have special writing or verbal skills which you apply in your career or as a means of seducing the right buyer or clients.

Challenges and conflicts can bring out your diplomatic side and you can become more outgoing, social and even flirtatious when you need to resolve problems. You may also become passive or passive-aggressive because you try to avoid conflicts altogether and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Your indirect nature when it comes to problem solving can cause you to bend the truth at times and tell people what they want to hear.

Mercury trine Venus

You are seduced by words and know how to use language to attract people. You enjoy romantic and erotic literature.

You blend rationality with emotional connection and compassion though you may overlook situations that trigger unpleasant feelings.

Since people can feel at ease with you, seducing by words and flirting are your specialties.

You can be eloquent and poetic and your skills as a speaker and writer can help you attract opportunities in relationships and career.

Mercury opposite Venus

Your love of beauty comes with a certain degree of vanity and love of luxury. Be careful not to push those aspects of your personality too far.

When you are over-concerned about not hurting people or getting into conflicts, you risk approaching conversation superficially by avoiding challenging subjects.

You love to be flirty.

You feel that you'd be rejected if you challenge other's point of views.

Mercury quincunx Venus

You don’t feel comfortable with your own desires and may try to rationalize or intellectualize your romantic nature. When this doesn’t work you may eventually come to know and value your gifts for empathy and compassion.

Rather than hiding from your emotional connection to others, you may learn to express your desires and romantic side through poetry, writing and diplomatic conversations.

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