Mercury and Uranus aspects in the Birth Chart: Is your mind open to unusual subjects?

3-8-mind-open-unusual.jpg Mercury conjunct Uranus

You have a restless, active mind. You love to question and research any non-conventional subject.

You are drawn to new things more than pursuing old knowledge.

This might cause you to diffuse your mental energy and spread yourself thin, engaging in too many activities. Your mind is often hyperactive and lacking intellectual perseverance.

Friends with compatible interests are very important to your path of exploration and self discovery, and you ignore people with mainstream occupations.

You are forward thinking and future oriented, rarely looking back at what happened in the past. You always look for future improvement in the social and technical areas.

You are ahead of your time. It makes you feel like an alien in your own home.

Sometimes in your fast communication you overlook important details.

Mercury sextile Uranus

You have a rational, scientific mind with the added value of a subtle intuition.

You can produce very original ideas and concepts which aren't easily accepted by society, but are needed for its improvement.

You have a bold world view and attitude and you aren't afraid to approach controversial subjects.

Technical skills complement your search for truth. You always look into the future for scientific or humanitarian improvement.

You don't tolerate interference in your intellectual adventures.

You need and value freedom of ideas and are a catalyst for progressive thought and exchanges with others.

Mercury square Uranus

You have stimulating and unusual ideas and are open to anything futuristic and avant-garde.

You are impatient to realize your ideas. Without the support of accurate planning, those ideas are going to fade in a short time.

You need to ensure that your ideas are not only unusual and amazing, but also practical and realistic.

You need to tame your sharp tongue when you become intolerant of people who aren't as open minded as you are, otherwise you risk becoming isolated. You need to learn to compromise.

You are eccentric and don't like to follow rules.

Your continuous restlessness is and nervous energy stimulated by chasing excitement can exhaust your body/mind.

Meditation would greatly improve your mental balance.

Mercury trine Uranus

You are intellectually gifted and have a knack for anticipating the direction society is taking. You speak and write clearly and articulately about science, social justice, and obscure topics like the occult. Your interests may delve into the bizarre and even taboo subjects.

When you speak and write about these topics however people are more inclined to listen and take you seriously even if they would disregard the words of others on the same matter.

You can speak in shocking and rebellious ways yet you succeed in getting your point across and people love and admire you for it rather than alienating you.

You value your independence and individuality yet you are also drawn to groups of people who share the ability to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

You could excel in a career in technology, teaching, or sciences.

Mercury opposite Uranus

Your beliefs are unusual and you can be extremely open minded to new ideas and possibilities. Your intellect and intuition can fuel great success for you but you need to work on harmonizing these two sources of information.

When you are uncomfortable in social situations you may blurt out exactly what is on your mind and in doing so, alienate yourself from others. Even when you become aware of this you may take the attitude “who cares? This is who I am and people can take it or leave it..

However this isn’t truly how you feel. You are sensitive to criticism and do care about people embracing your radical ideas. You need to learn how to engage people and bring others into the conversation rather than pushing them away if they disagree with you.

Mercury quincunx Uranus

You are highly intelligent and sensitive and will not initially know the best ways to manage your intense mental energy.

As a result you may delve into exciting projects only to lose interest before they are completed. You are also likely t o speak without any mental filter, giving little thought to the impact of your words on others.

At some point when you are frustrated with alienating yourself from others or when you feel enough motivation to succeed in your numerous interests without becoming bored and dropping the ball on yet another project, you may step back and realize that there is a better way to channel your brilliant ideas.

When this happens you are likely to work to become more proficient in communicating your original ideas and using your intuition and creativity as a messenger of sorts. What you write about, speak about and teach others can have a significant impact on improving society.

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