Mercury and Neptune aspects in the Birth Chart: Do you have an imaginative and spiritual mind?

3-9-imaginative-mind.jpg Mercury conjunct Neptune

You have a high level of imagination in your mindset.

You are interested in music, arts, literature and anything where fantasy and feelings are present.

You connect your conscious and unconscious mind in unique ways, mixing these two aspects of yourself to create a distinct world.

You are very sensitive and you have intuitive, spiritual and psychic qualities.

Sometimes it is hard even for you to know what is real and what is imaginary.

You risk escaping reality by staying in your fantastic world and feeding your imagination it by using substances.

Is easy for you to identify with other people, and absorb their good and problematic qualities.

A compassionate attitude permeates your view of life and you can sacrifice yourself for people you care for or even for high ideals.

You tend to idealize people and lovers. You need to be more careful before trusting people.

Mercury sextile Neptune

You have a sensitive, intuitive and spiritual mind.

The imaginative world is more important than plain reality and you are open to feeling and experiencing expanded states of consciousness.

Your mind is focused on spiritual themes and a spiritual path. The ultimate questions about who we are and what our role is in this life are at the forefront of your thoughts.

Your dreams have a strong impact on your consciousness.

You can inspire others in many areas of life, but especially in relation to art, emotional healing and expression, and spirituality.

You know intuitively what's in people's minds and you can communicate easily in a broad range of situations. You can also reach and inspire people by broadcasting your ideas to a large public through blogs or big media.

Since you are in touch with the collective unconscious, you can even forecast world events.

Mercury square Neptune

You are creative and imaginative, with varied intellectual interests, especially in mystical and artistic subjects.

Your visualization abilities and your intuition are also well developed.

Evaluate your plans and ideals against reality and double check whether they are grounded in facts or are delusional.

Sometimes you don't accept reality and you tend to adapt the truth to your inner needs and projections.

Your heightened sensitivity makes you absorb the thoughts and attitudes of people close to you.

You can imitate and introject other's feelings and you can feel insecure with others.

Your communication modality isn't always clear or linear. Sometimes people don't get the meaning of your words and you need to work hard in order to convey your meaning.

Refrain from resorting to manipulative methods to convince people of your ideas.

Also be careful not to turn to substance abuse to keep your unrealistic dreams alive.

You often feel lonely and a victim of circumstances. Develop your creativity to feel connected to a universal creative source even when you are alone.

Mercury trine Neptune

You are extremely sensitive and receive information from a divine level giving you psychic abilities. You are easily able to pick up on people’s feelings and communicate this awareness back to them with empathy and compassion.

You are also easily able to articulate your inner world with creativity and imagination.

You are attractive to others who admire your empathic nature and spiritual vision.

You may inspire and lead others through healing work or artistic expression, or through speaking and writing about spiritual subjects.

You may also gain recognition for your creative abilities which can be channeled in conjunction with your communication skills as a writer or speaker.

Mercury opposite Neptune

Your creative abilities can be channeled to express your emotions and inspire others. However you are also highly sensitive and susceptible to deceiving yourself and others.

Your eloquent communication style can be used to subvert problems and speak about issues as you wish they were rather than as they actually are.

You may avoid conflicts by telling people what you think they want to hear and you may even get lost in believing your own deceptive tales.

In some cases you may outright lie rather than just bending the truth a little. When you do it is usually to avoid trouble or maintain a positive image in others’ minds, not to outright cause damage yet you can cause chaos and confusion by not being clear and direct.

You may also easily become confused, losing sight of your dreams as opposed to the reality of a situation.

Mercury quincunx Neptune

You have many intuitive and empathic gifts yet may spend part of your life confused about how to interpret your perceptions and communicate your ideas.

You may express yourself easier through art and symbolism than through direct literal communication. As a result you may be judged as having learning or communication impairments.

You may have to go through a process of emotional healing and introspective work in order to reach a point where you can communicate your ideals and plans effectively.

When you have accomplished this, your words will be influenced by your empathy and compassion. You may be able to write or speak on subjects that facilitate healing for others.

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