Mercury and Pluto aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your mental power?


    3-10-mental-power.jpg Mercury conjunct Pluto

    Your mind is investigative, deep, powerful and penetrative. You don't tolerate superficiality and shallow façade from others.

    The search for truth is one of your main life goals. You are attracted to mysteries and anything unresolved.

    You don't run away from intellectual challenges. Your communication style is direct and is likely to produce conflicts with others.

    You give your best intellectually when you are under pressure or in an emergency.

    You like to go into deep analysis and investigations to find out the truth.

    You can keep deep secrets and people can trust you won't divulge them.

    Be careful not to indulge in extremist points of view just because you enjoy sparring verbally with others.

    Also be careful to control your tendency to dominate people mentally.

    Mercury sextile Pluto

    You are fascinated by mysteries, by the occult and unresolved problems. Your heightened intellectual skills result in boredom with tasks that seem to obvious or easy.

    You hate any kind of hypocrisy which you like to unmask, and you tend to be part or even lead social and political movements. You care about social issues.

    You communicate by asserting yourself in a powerful way.

    You value trust and sincerity above all and can be very grateful to loyal people.

    You can concentrate your mental effort and persist despite difficulties or challenging conflict with others. You feel at home when researching difficult subjects. You are good at revealing things through your analytical skills.

    When you quarrel, you can sense your opponent's weak points and challenge them with laser precision.

    Finance and wealth management are areas you may enjoy focusing your mental skills.

    Mercury square Pluto

    You are fascinated by the unknown and you want to penetrate intellectual issues, using your strong analytical skills to peer beneath the surface.

    You barely tolerate people who oppose your point of view.

    You enjoy extreme points of view and you don't care whether others agree or not. You need to change the belief that you are always right.

    You feel easily threatened when somebody challenges your ideas and you want to feel in control. Thus, you tend to submit people psychologically by being manipulative.

    Sarcasm is a weapon always available for you, which you can decide to use in a playful or malicious way.

    Not having a good relationship with authority figures, you lack diplomatic manners.

    You need to balance your instincts with your intellect in order to not hurt people through your words.

    Mercury trine Pluto

    You are confident and persuasive. You communicate in ways that command attention and your focus is clear and sharp. You can pour all of your energy into research in order to become an expert on a particular topic.

    Others are drawn to you as a guide and guru and you can exert great influence over others without trying. You can see beneath the surface and are a natural lie detector.

    Rather than seeking controversy however you would much rather use your gifts for perception and persuasion in ways that help others experience healing and transformation.

    Your mental powers are best expressed through writing and speaking and you are effective even from a distance because your energy is conveyed in your writing style.

    Mercury opposite Pluto

    You are mentally sharp and intellectually gifted and may have little tolerance for others who aren’t able to match your intellect. You also don’t like being questioned or second guessed. You are inclined to see things in all or nothing terms and may exert your mental energy in obsessive ways.

    You may get lost in power struggles and lose sight of the actual issues you are writing or speaking about.

    You are also likely to place more emphasis on being seen as powerful and correct as opposed to building emotional connections and relationships.

    When you have an idea you are obsessive about conveying it and carrying out your plans until the end.

    You can burn bridges if you aren’t careful. Also you don’t like anyone having authority over you and are more likely to research ways to do things yourself and become your own expert than you are to surrender control to any other authority.

    Mercury quincunx Pluto

    You may use your sharp intellect and even sharper tongue as a weapon to defend yourself or offend others. You feel emboldened by your ability to acquire knowledge and may see your powerful intellect as an upper hand in relation to others.

    At some point however you may come to realize that your tendency toward power struggles and desire to outwit others is a defense for some level of insecurities. You may realize that your need to dominate others in the intellectual realm is more about your own fears of loss of control.

    When you reach this realization you may undergo powerful transformation, learning to work with your personal power and intensity in ways that promote your own higher goals and help others experience healing and transformation.

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