Mercury and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your mind function in relation to others?

3-11-mind-others.jpg Mercury conjunct Ascendant

You have more mental energy than others and you communicate easily with people. You are generally friendly and sociable.

Your communication, however, concentrates much on yourself. This doesn't mean you are selfish, but that you see the world mainly from your perspective.

Because of this, you don't tolerate disagreements and you might become argumentative when you are intellectually challenged.

You tend to multitask, keeping your mind always busy.

You can excel in teaching, writing and in the financial area.

Mercury sextile Ascendant

You have a curious and sharp mind, at times restless and nervous.

Your preferred channel of dealing with the world is through the intellect rather than through feelings.

You can easily balance your thoughts and actions.

You are keen to talk about yourself, your experiences and your views in relation to others. You might become a good relationship counselor if you refrain from your tendency of being self-centered.

Mercury square Ascendant

When you are stressed out or facing challenges you may become self focused and talk excessively about yourself and your situation. You may also unintentionally turn others off by becoming obsessive in the way you think and speak when under pressure.

You don’t always articulate your ideas well and challenges can help bring out your abilities to communicate more effectively by forcing you to slow down and take stock of the bigger picture.

Mercury trine Ascendant

You are recognized as being intelligent and gifted when it comes to writing and speaking. You may have a knack for picking up languages and engaging with others on an intellectual level. New information is vital to who you are and you love to read, study, learn and teach others.

You are perceived as being highly intellectual and talkative and may have a reputation as a brilliant and charming person.

You easily convey your ideas to others and are transparent about your beliefs. You may also be fickle and restless however and become bored easily. You need a lot of social and intellectual stimulation.

You may excel in careers involving writing, speaking, communications, teaching and languages.

Mercury opposite Ascendant

You love mental activities and your mind is always looking for intellectual stimulation.

You prefer to talk about and focus your thoughts on what everyone else is doing rather than investing time to patiently listen to others. You also avoid dealing with your own feelings by becoming excessively preoccupied with others’ lives.

You need to be aware of your tendency to be opinionated and to talk in an unclear manner. You need to slow down your mind to be aware of your communication style.

Mercury quincunx Ascendant

You don’t realize how intelligent you really are and may feel insecure about your intellectual abilities or speaking or writing skills.

To compensate for this you may end up racing through your studies or exaggerating your accomplishments. You may also talk excessively to cover your anxiety or distract yourself and others from the issues at hand.

You need to slow down your mind to be aware of your communication style.

With time and experience you will become more genuinely convinced of your intellectual gifts. Until this realization occurs, however, you may take on the posture of confidence in your ideas and intellect but are more likely exaggerating to cover deep seated insecurities.

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