Mercury and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: Is your intellect related to your career?

3-12-intellect-career.jpg Mercury conjunct Midheaven

Your intellectual efforts are strongly directed to your career and social position.

Thoughts, words and actions are aligned in a practical way.

You need to be publicly recognized for your knowledge and communicative abilities.

You might experience changes of profession and a restlessness along the path in your career.

You convey the best of your intellectual and communication style when you are a mature person. As a young person you tend to intellectually isolate and you don't express yourself easily.

Mercury sextile Midheaven

Your career and professional life are likely to involve learning and/or teaching.

You have clear ideas about your career and you plan your life carefully.

From an early age you wanted to develop skills useful for your professional life.

Discipline, steadfastness and perseverance are your traits when comes to mental and intellectual tasks. You want to connect the intellect with something practical and factual, not only theoretical.

You like to learn from people in high positions and from older people.

Mercury square Midheaven

You need a profession that inspires your mind.

You have a tendency to withdraw from people, especially when you are absorbed in a task. You prefer to work without any interference.

Your self-discipline in your profession is very strong and you risk overworking to reach your goals, which are very ambitious.

You need accurate planning of your professional life and you feel very uncomfortable if something doesn't follow your plans.

You prefer purely intellectual connections rather than emotional ones.

Mercury trine Midheaven

You are clear about your career prospects and goals and are likely to be successful because you are articulate and intellectual. You are able to focus on your mission and make the social connections necessary to help you ascend toward your goals.

You may excel in careers involving communication, IT, speaking, writing and teaching.

You are also likely to desire a career that allows you flexibility, mobility and high levels of stimulation. Work that involves travel and change of scenery is also preferred.

Mercury opposite Midheaven

You may feel confused about your career path and are likely to dabble in several prospective careers before finding one about which you are passionate.

You are likely to feel anxious and restless about your work, fearing it will become monotonous and as a result you are reluctant to commit to following one specific career field for too long.

You may be highly intelligent yet struggle to stay focused because your mind is restless. You may also talk yourself out of taking steps that would ensure career success because of fear of failure.

You can channel your intellectual energy in more effective ways if you learn to trust your ideas and recognize your capabilities. Also if you are able to find the motivation to stick with one plan long enough to ride out the difficulties and enjoy your successes, it will be better for you.

Mercury quincunx Midheaven

You may wander through different prospective careers before finding your true calling. To some extent, insecurities and fears play a role in leading you to distract yourself from using your intellectual gifts in practical ways.

You may avoid advancement and responsibility in your career because you have not dealt with your own anxiety about being successful.

Once you learn to overcome this anxiety you will be more likely to embrace positions of power and allow yourself to share your intellectual gifts in practical ways that benefit others and enhance your career.

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