Venus and Mars aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you connect love and sexuality?

By 12andus

4-5-love-sexuality.jpg Venus conjunct Mars

When it comes to love, passionate adventures and seduction are important parts of your romantic life.

You love express your amorous feelings with passion and affection.

You have a strong sex drive and you need a partner to share intense sexual emotions.

However, your sexual expression is sometimes imbalanced emphasizing a more active, dominant role. You may have difficulties with the receptive, passive role in sexual encounters.

Impatience also can be an issue in your relationships.

You can be a bit rough and too direct at times with your partner, but this is alleviated by Venus’ energy, helping to soften your harsh edges.

You enjoy luxury, fun and anything sensual and beautiful. You have artistic skills in music, art, and drama.

Your sexuality is connected to feelings and kindness.

Since you are susceptible to flattery, be careful about not becoming involved with manipulative people.

Venus sextile Mars

You have a healthy attitude toward sex. You join passion, affection and romanticism with intensity.

Talents in performing arts, visual arts and music add to your sexual appeal.

You tend to hurry into romantic encounters with enthusiasm and energy, and you can lose interest quite easily, especially with a person who is passive and doesn't match your high energy level.

You love the good life and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things, such as art, music and high profile social contacts.

You can be very dedicated to your lover and you need the same dedication in return.

You might not be very careful about your finances and tend to be impulsive when it comes to spending money and indulging in buying expensive things.

Venus square Mars

You have strong passionate energy which you can channel in your sexual and romantic relationships. Often you are drawn to drama and conflict and may become aroused by the tension of interpersonal conflicts.

Challenges can bring out your desire to conquer the heart and mind of your loved one. You want to convince others to think, act and feel the way you do. You may end up using your sexual appeal and emotional energy to manipulate others if not careful. You may also go overboard in the pursuit of pleasure and expect others to enable your desire for luxury and comforts.

You may attract tumultuous relationships and rather than recognizing red flags and leaving a relationship or setting stronger boundaries, you may feed into negative dynamics by playing games or inspiring jealousy in your partner.

You may become possessive and jealous as well in relationships.

Venus trine Mars

You are a passionate, loyal and devoted lover. You easily blend a love of aesthetics, beauty and harmony with eroticism and sexual appeal. Your energy is magnetically attractive to others. You may easily fall in love and may confuse lust for love at times.

You are a romantic and passionate person and you need a lover who can keep up with your healthy sexual appetite and who also appreciates beauty and passion.

You prefer to keep the peace in relationships and may channel any frustrations or conflicts through sexual energy.

Your intense energy and strong desire to be loved and admired may lead you to rush into relationships. Though you are typically lucky in love, you may overlook red flags early on in a relationship because you become distracted by the pursuit of pleasure and excitement.

Venus opposite Mars

You have strong sexual passion and intense romantic feelings and you emanate powerful sexual magnetism.

Flirting is one of your preferred activities and you value to seduction as a form of conquest.

However, you indulge in sensuality and passion without thinking of the consequences.

You might be greedy or quickly lose interest in your relationships and as a result you might experience troubles and separations.

You use your seductive abilities in a skillful way, but you don't accept rejection easily and you might become pushy or manipulative.

You aren’t always attracted to the right person. Sometimes your partner is sexually attractive to you, but not emotionally fulfilling, or it could be the opposite.

Your feelings toward a partner might become extreme, ranging from full love to hate, but generally you are quick to forget the reasons for your anger.

You need to be more sensitive to other's people feelings and be more tolerant of your partner’s needs.

Also, controlling your emotions would improve your relationships.

Venus quincunx Mars

You don’t easily integrate your passionate, intense masculine energy with your more subtle, nurturing romantic energy.

As a result, you may vacillate between obsessive pursuit of love and affection or seeking out numerous sexual conquests in an attempt to validate yourself.

When the pendulum swings in the other direction you may become needy and emotionally manipulative, seeking approval from others in order to feel good about yourself.

With experience and maturity you can grow to develop a much healthier balance between excitement and passion and compassionate nurturing. When you develop this balance between the need for sexual expression and emotional nurturing, you may experience more fulfilling romantic life.

Prior to this however you may feel uncomfortable, insecure and awkward in your intimate relationships.

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