Venus and Jupiter aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you experience love, adventure and optimism in your relationships and social life?


4-6-love-adventure.jpg Venus conjunct Jupiter

You are a generous, benevolent, easygoing and affectionate person.

You think positively about people and are forgiving of their shortcomings. People like your attitude and they see you as a popular person and a guide.

In relationship, you are an optimist and always think that issues will be sorted out.

Philosophical and intellectual subjects can arouse your feelings. You might define yourself as being sapiosexual.

Your desire and romantic feelings are well developed, and this could make it hard for you to be faithful.

You might become too indulgent in your comfortable life. You should strengthen your self-discipline.

You need to feel financially and materially safe.

You love to help people in need, and you can excel as a teacher or counselor, but be careful: people might take advantage of your positive and supportive feelings.

Venus sextile Jupiter

You have an optimistic and empathic view of others.

You are particularly upbeat and idealistic in your relationships, viewing any issue with optimism. Your positive attitude is felt by your partner.

Honesty is one of your relationship traits.

You are attracted to literature, philosophy, spirituality and anything that expands knowledge and human consciousness.

An intellectual partner is needed to arouse your feelings.

You love music, literature, arts, beautiful things, good food, the company of interesting people and a sensuous life.

Helping people comes naturally to you, and you might express your skills better in a social setting.

Venus square Jupiter

This is an aspect that expands your creativity and love for arts, music and philosophy.

You have good communication skills and you have a warm attitude in your romantic life.

Also, you have good business skills. You associate love with material security, but you don't use love to gain a material advantage.

However, your love for an easy and sensuous life makes you indulgent. Your partner might complain of a lack of responsibility on your part.

You have grandiose plans about love or money, but often they are unrealistic.

You tend to promise what you can't fulfill and you tend to disperse your romantic interests in too many directions.

You might become too accommodating to your lover.

Don't fall into the trap of greed. Wanting more and more emotional fulfillment or material possessions won't make you happy.

Venus trine Jupiter

You are curious about people and love to connect with others on a mental and emotional level. In particular you love to seek out people who have had experiences drastically different from your own. You are attracted to all things beautiful and want to enjoy a sensuous life.

You are highly sensitive, generous and benevolent and you love individuals as well as society in general. As a result you may become a compassionate spokesperson for social change or advocate for oppressed people. You may also channel your creative talents into higher learning, philosophical, spiritual, or legal work.

You are open minded and affectionate and love to have a good time. Too much pleasure seeking can keep you complacent or can backfire, causing problems to health or finances.

Generally you are quite lucky however and even if you suffer financially as a result of over indulgence you have no problems attracting abundance.

Venus opposite Jupiter

You want luxury and comforts in your life yet you may work against creating the security you value if you are too quick to associate security with material objects only.

You are inclined to overspend and overindulge in food and alcohol because you seek out pleasure at all times and disdain any type of discomfort.

You may be surrounded by fortunate opportunities yet squander your chances for success or at least undermine yourself. This is because you don’t easily find the motivation to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Rather than making the most of opportunities you may hold yourself back and fear success or feel insecure about your ability to sustain gains you make in career and personal life.

It is easier for you to hold on to an ideal fantasy and shirk responsibilities necessary to make your fantasy a reality. You may have a great sense of the big picture but struggle to go through the tedious tasks required to manifest this ideal.

If you are able to balance your desire for pleasure and wealth with the steps necessary to acquire what you want you can be highly successful.

Venus quincunx Jupiter

Others may view you as lucky and you have a gift for manifesting what you want. The problem arises when your wishes are fulfilled because you don’t always make the most of the resources and opportunities given to you. You may have big dreams and plans and then become lost in the pursuit of pleasure and comfort.

You struggle to challenge yourself and may accept situations in which others are taking care of your needs rather than risk venturing outside your comfort zone.

Until you develop your confidence to the full potential you are likely to squander your opportunities and live a hedonistic lifestyle focusing on material rather than spiritual and social gains.

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