Venus and Neptune aspects in the Birth Chart: Are imagination and spirituality part of your love life?


4-9-love-spirituality.jpg Venus conjunct Neptune

You are emotionally and romantically very sensitive and tender.

Your delicate nature makes you keen to appreciate refined art and music as a way to stimulate your romantic imagination.

Tantra and love with expanded states of consciousness are suited to your attitude toward love, as is anything which joins love, sexuality and spirituality.

Your view of a relationship is highly idealistic and it makes you vulnerable to deception and self-deception.

At times you are so overwhelmed by your feelings that you want to escape into an imaginary world. You should avoid using drugs to feed such desires.

Since you are willing to compromise and to fulfill your partner's needs, you also risk becoming used by less sensitive people.

You don't like confrontations either in your relationship or in other social settings.

Your compassionate attitude and listening skills are suited for a counseling job.

Venus sextile Neptune

Your vision of love is abstract, universal, and spiritual.

You have strong imagination and idealism which feeds your romantic and sexual life.

Sometimes you can get lost in your fantasies and become detached from reality.

When you feel hurt in your sensitivity you tend to withdraw.

You have much compassion toward people you love and in general toward any suffering sentient being.

Sexuality and spirituality are connected in your mind and you might love somebody even without sex being involved.

The power of your love also has healing properties and you might become a spiritual healer.

Art, music and literature support your sensitive nature.

Venus square Neptune

A sweet, tender and spiritual attitude toward love and sex is associated with a tendency toward a strong imagination which often doesn't fit with reality.

People are fascinated by your mystical aura.

You might become too dependent on your partner or you might seek a savior, hoping your partner will bring clarity to your inner state of confusion.

This needy attitude can either send people away or they might even result in attracting others who take advantage of your vulnerability.

You need to learn how to be centered on yourself without leaning on others because you have the resources to stand on your own.

Since you are idealistic in love, you need to be careful not to be deceived by unscrupulous people.

You are sympathetic to people's suffering and you might attract needy people or be needy yourself with your lover.

You might also be attracted to people with addiction or with mental issues and act as a savior yourself.

By avoiding confrontations, you avoid also facing the plain facts, hiding under a passive attitude which might transform into escapism.

Avoid using intoxicants to feed an imaginary reality.

Meditation can bring light to old traumas and conditioning that trap you into fixed patterns.

Venus trine Neptune

Your spiritual, compassionate, creative nature easily draws others to you. You are compelling and romantic and others respond to your nurturing yet vulnerable energy.

You need a healthy dose of imagination and creativity to be an active part of your love life. If you feel that a relationship has become too routine you will seek an outlet either in romantic affairs or even in your own imagination and fantasy world.

You also need to feel spiritually connected to your partner. Often you will interpret your feelings of love and attraction to be a spiritual bond. Whether this is true or not you may pursue relationships simply because you feel the spiritual level of connection is unique and irreplaceable, being quick to label someone a “Twin Flame” or “Soul Mate.

You want security in your relationships yet you also don’t want to feel ordinary. You want to feel like your partner is the only one who completely understands you and can be understood by you.

Venus opposite Neptune

You are highly sensitive and compassionate and may attract people who take advantage of your nature. Your interests in spirituality and mysticism may also attract you to certain people though you may not always have an accurate view of who the other person really is.

This is because you are prone to projecting your idealistic views onto those around you and then expecting them to not disappoint you. When others don’t act the part you have cast them in, you may become heartbroken or you may go to extremes to manipulate them emotionally into becoming who you want them to be.

It will be much easier for you to appreciate others for who they are and to be honest with yourself about what you want in a relationship. You also run the risk of losing yourself by conforming to what your partner wants and this too should be avoided.

Venus quincunx Neptune

It will take time and experience for you to mature to the point of being able to work with your spiritual, romantic and sexual energies and interests in a healing and compassionate way.

On the path to creating deep, spiritual connection within your relationships you are likely to get lost in escapism and possibly addiction and codependency.

You are likely to feel uncomfortable asserting yourself in relationships and instead acquiesce to your partner’s needs or demands.

You are compassionate and caring yet you may also withdraw from reality when it becomes too difficult to handle the intense feelings that arise from opening your heart to other people.

You have the potential to harness your intuition and higher understanding in order to experience healing and loving relationships once you have learned to moderate your emotions and respect your boundaries.

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