Mars and Jupiter aspects in the Birth Chart: Do you have skills and energy to lead?


5-6-energy-lead.jpg Mars conjunct Jupiter

With this aspect, you have plenty of energy for your projects.

You can easily assert yourself and become a leader.

You are very competitive and always strive to be the first and the best.

Self-confidence is a great help in succeeding and you aren't afraid to face challenges and difficulties.

Your physical and intellectual skills align well with your goals. Life for you is a continuous battleground.

You have an intense lust for life, travel, food, freedom and sensual pleasures.

You tend to not be aware of limits and you take everything to the limit, pushing your boundaries. Also, you ignore your physical limits and you might burn out.

As you go to extremes in all things you can also become careless about your finances.

Mars sextile Jupiter

You have a highly competitive nature, supported by strong energy and broad intellectual vision.

People see you as a guide and acknowledge your dynamic energy.

External pressures and stress don't discourage you.

You are direct, honest and almost naive in your way of relating with people.

Independence and freedom to act are necessary components for your tasks.

You have a heightened passion for life, people, cultures, travel, freedom, adventures, sexuality, and food.

You can be a competent teacher.

You seek a sensual life, but you also need an intellectual connection with your partner.

Physical endurance along with deep understanding helps you to succeed in all that you do.

Be careful not to push yourself too hard because you might end up with consequences to your health.

Mars square Jupiter

You are highly opinionated and see leadership as the best way to make sure things are done correctly. You have some natural leadership skills yet you don’t always convey these skills in compassionate ways.

You are likely to offend people with your intense energy and direct nature. You may also become militant and zealous in some of your attitudes and this also can turn others off.

You have the potential to inspire others and your confidence can attract others to you, yet you need to work on how you engage others and in particular, how you respond when others don’t agree with you or don’t do things your way.

Mars trine Jupiter

You have the necessary skills and talents to lead others. In addition you have the drive to succeed and can be enthusiastic and idealistic.

You easily jump into action when you feel inspired especially when inspired to be an advocate for others and improve society in some way. You may champion several social causes and act in ways that adavance a progressive agenda.

You are likely to have excess amounts of energy and may take on more than you can truly manage at once, promising to deliver the world and not realistically being able to follow through. It is important for you to keep yourself grounded and respect your limitations.

Mars opposite Jupiter

You have a strong drive to compete and succeed, along with leadership qualities.

You enjoy freedom and situations where you can express your high energy.

You love challenges, adventures, and fighting for your ideals. You might be a leader for cultural or social reforms.

You are outspoken to the point of becoming offensive.

Criticism isn't welcomed by you and you might react with anger when you perceive others’ feedback as critical.

You act before thinking. Your actions are impetuous and this makes you prone to accidents.

Your sex drive is strong, but you need to be more patient and connect sex with communication.

Discipline and control are needed to channel your energy in a balanced direction.

Fitness, dynamic yoga and dynamic meditation would be useful to release and balance your excess energy.

Mars quincunx Jupiter

You have excessive amounts of physical and mental energy though you don’t always know the best ways to channel your passionate energy.

While you are growing and maturing you may be susceptible to impulsivity and anger management problems. This is especially likely when your passions are triggered by perceived injustices.

You may spend the early part of your life acting like a rebel without a cause, jumping from one bandwagon to another championing different causes without really connecting your ideals to a well planned strategy for change.

You may also try to focus your energy on accomplishing your idealistic and lofty goals only to realize that you have unrealistic expectations.

Rather than adjusting your plan, you are more likely to lash out, projecting your anger at others and perceiving the world as unfair.

With experience and maturity you can grow to align your benevolent, humanitarian side with your protective, warrior energy. When you develop this ability you can become an optimistic, enthusiastic activist, advocate and effective catalyst for social change.

You may also emerge as a leader helping others to find empowerment after walking through a path filled with challenges of your own.

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