Mars and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your courage help you fulfill your destiny?

4-11-courage-destiny.jpg Mars conjunct North Node

You may feel compelled to pursue a particular career or immerse in a specific interest or course of study from a young age. On some level, you may be aware that your focus and near obsessive interests are linked to your purpose and destiny.

You are ambitious and driven and know the path you were meant to walk, although you are more likely to hit the ground running rather than walking down that path anyway. You can’t be deterred from your mission and you courageously pursue your destiny.

You may face challenges which bring Karmic lessons yet your strengths and focus are further shaped through these hardships.

Mars sextile North Node

You are likely to have a strong sense of your purpose and mission and pursue this path with single minded passion and focus.

Your destiny may involve some type of courageous role or warrior energy such as serving in the military or as a guard, police officer or advocate.

Your energy is feisty and determined and challenges only strengthen your resolve. You work better when you can focus on your mission and blaze your own trail and may prefer to do things on your own and your own way.

You know that your destiny may involve rigorous routines and physical exertion yet you are also driven to succeed because you are clearing a path so that others can have a better quality of life.

Mars square North Node

You are driven to fulfill your destiny but frequently leap before you look. As a result, you are likely to strike off in a direction about which you are certain only to hit one dead end after another.

You are also likely to burn important bridges as you embody the Warrior archetype, believing that you are fulfilling your destiny and acting on behalf of others, when in truth you are seeking your own glory or fulfilling your own ambition and losing sight of the big picture.

You may need to adjust your beliefs and learn Karmic lessons about courage, power, leadership and compromise. You may also have to learn to distinguish impulsivity from assertiveness.

Power struggles and anger issues, in particular anger directed toward leaders or authority figures, will feature in your life until you realize the Karmic lessons you are being offered through these challenges. You will have to learn to collaborate while maintaining your assertiveness.

Mars trine North Node

You easily jump to action when opportunities present that help you fulfill your mission and succeed in your goals. You don’t hesitate to act courageously and boldly and can sense when an opportunity is part of your Karmic path.

You can even break from tradition and become more assertive when it involves personal advancement. You are motivated to succeed in fulfilling your mission and you will find ways to do this at any cost.

Typically however you are able to make the choices you need to make with clarity and precision, finding ways to pursue your ambitions and fulfill your destiny without burning bridges on the way.

You are strong and love to endure challenges that help you break out of your comfort zone since you know that is required for growth.

Mars opposite North Node

The same challenges which could help you break free from your past and reach your destiny are those which you are likely to avoid out of fear and insecurities.

You lack motivation and confidence and may back down from important opportunities which are important to your growth and advancement.

You will need to take greater initiative and trust in your potential in order to summon the courage to follow your path.

Your destiny requires you to take risks and use your initiative to embark on a new path, you will need courage and assertiveness in order to get on the right path but may first need to experience hardships related to passivity and insecurities to show you what you are truly made of.

Mars quincunx North Node

You are inherently uncomfortable with your own intense energy level. You may feel restless and impulsive at times and not understand how to ground yourself and work effectively with your willful energy.

You can be focused and determined yet you are likely to work against your best interests, especially early in life.

With experience and maturity, you may grow to learn how to harness your personal power and confidence in more effective ways. You can learn to use your courage and daring energy to initiate change and take risks that benefit your growth and advancement rather than just reacting on impulse.

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