Mars and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: Do you channel your energy toward career?

5-12-energy-career.jpg Mars conjunct Midheaven

You have a strong will to succeed in your career, supported by a great amount of energy.

You identify yourself and your self-worth with your actions and their outcomes.

You know what you want and the direction to undertake for your ambitions to became real. You have clear and ambitious objectives.

Hard working capabilities support your goals.

Your sense of purpose is well developed and you have the capacity to take initiative and work toward long-term goals.

When possible, you avoid working with others because you give your best when you are independent and follow your own pace with perseverance and calculated risks.

Mars sextile Midheaven

You are highly self-confident in your capacity to work hard and efficiently toward your goals.

You are ambitious and have a clear sense of direction.

Long-term planning is accurately followed step by step with a broad vision. You don't mind sacrificing gains in the present for a better future.

You don't waste time with things that aren't useful to your plans.

You are well respected in your career as a person who created success through your own efforts.

Mars square Midheaven

The energy that could propel you toward success in a career, especially one in public life, is often diverted in power struggles with authority figures and others.

You may burn bridges and alienate allies who could be helpful to your career success because you are reluctant to follow any authority other than your own.

You prefer to work alone as well and this too can cause problems for you because you may miss opportunities to reach your highest career potential.

You are motivated and ambitious and can be on the fast track to success if you can be more flexible and tolerant of others.

Mars trine Midheaven

You pour your excessive energy into developing your career. You are highly ambitious and motivated to succeed. You don’t want to settle for an ordinary job.

Instead you seek a career that is dynamic and which gives you a public platform to share your views and act as a leader.

You aren’t afraid to work hard and can be tireless and enthusiastic in pursuit of your ideal career. Usually your work will involve some type of advocacy. You can be direct and forceful when you are faced with obstacles.

Usually you are able to persuade others to follow you because you exude confidence. Even when you are just starting out you may give the impression that you are an expert and deserve recognition. Others are likely to believe in you as well.

Mars opposite Midheaven

You are very ambitious, but you don’t always harness your energy in a balanced way.

You tend to dominate others or be insensitive to people in order to reach your personal goals.

Often you are on the defensive or become aggressive when you believe that others are trying to take advantage of you.

You might have experienced conflicts in your home when you were a child and this is later projected to other authority figures as superiors or teachers.

You need to be realistic about your strengths and limitations otherwise you'll become frustrated by wanting more than you can reach.

By not being aware of your limits you risk stressing your body and mind.

Mars quincunx Midheaven

You are driven to succeed in your chosen career yet you often undermine your own best interests. Your impulsivity and domineering attitude can alienate you from contacts and colleagues who could otherwise help you advance in your career.

You are also likely to burn yourself out or burn bridges with others as you don’t always recognize and respect your limits.

With maturity and experience you can grow to understand the difference between ambition for the sake of accomplishing your mission as opposed to ambition for the sake of covering your insecurities and working too hard to prove your strength to others.

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