Jupiter and Saturn aspects in the Birth Chart: What is your leadership potential?

6-7-leadership.jpg 6-7-leadership.jpg Jupiter conjunct Saturn

You have a unique blend of ambition and self discipline. You may have big visions for the future, yet you know dreams require hard work and sacrifice to become reality.

You are serious about fulfilling your mission and likely have a strong desire to benefit society and change the world in some positive way. You rise to positions of authority and leadership with little effort. You may find others looking to you as an influencer or mentor without having sought out authority.

In career you may be drawn toward creating a socially responsibly business. You may also find your place in the world as a teacher, judge or mentor to others.

Your attitude in business, career and relationships blends optimism and realism. You tend to be firm in your boundaries but also fair and judicious.

Jupiter sextile Saturn

Your enthusiasm, idealism and practicality attract others to you. You easily excel in your career as a result of your relationships and connections. You are likely to find unusual allies just at the right timing and networking can be instrumental to your success.

You are confident and benevolent but you also understand value and security and aren’t inclined to squander your resources.

This can make you successful in business and career in general. You have a good balance between tradition and progressive thinking in your perspective and this is also valuable to your career.

Jupiter square Saturn

You are a dreamer with high hopes. Your career is based on your ideals of how society should be. You are a reformer, be it through a profession in education, law, social work or management.

You are an idealist and have little patience for the world not being the way you believe it should be. You are likely to become deflated or depressed at the first sign that things are not going to pan out as easily as you would like.

You have fortunate opportunities but are likely to become morose when self discipline is needed.

You may give up on dreams of what could be when forced to deal with reality as it is. It may be difficult for you to deal with the oppressive and bureaucratic systems in which you must work to achieve your goals.

Once you learn to work with existing systems as they are rather than expecting the world to conform to your ideals, you will have greater success.

Jupiter trine Saturn

You may study and prepare just as hard as the next person, yet there is a steady stream of good luck which accompanies you throughout your life, especially when it comes to career opportunities.

Your career evolves as a series of lucky breaks land you in the right place at the right time. By connecting with influential authority figures, or by embodying just the right characteristics to inspire others to place their trust in you, you are likely to end up starting off just outside of your comfort zone and having to learn to grow into the skills and potential that others see in you.

You may be placed in positions of power or authority before you feel ready, yet your optimism and vision guide you to fulfill your role. You consider all the benefits of your career path first and grow into the reality, including limitations and challenges, only after diving in head first.

Miraculously, you learn to swim every time and others would never know if you had any doubts or experienced any limitations.

Jupiter opposite Saturn

Your desire to succeed in career by following your lofty ideals and grandiose dreams conflicts with a part of your inner desire for security. You both disdain limitations and restrictions and also fear having too much autonomy.

You aren’t comfortable with leadership positions. You both want people to embrace your vision and follow your ideals but also don’t want the responsibility of managing others. You prefer to work in solitude yet are repeatedly drawn to career paths that require you to think of and interact with different people.

You can be enthusiastic and idealistic one moment and then feel cynical and disappointed the next. You need to balance your optimism with realism more consistently to avoid being repeatedly disappointed by others.

Once you learn to work with existing systems as they are rather than expecting the world to conform to your ideals, you will have greater success.

Jupiter quincunx Saturn

You are creative, ambitious and hard working. You may have a big dream for the future yet you don’t employ your skills of self discipline and attention to practical matters with enough consistency to achieve what you desire.

With maturity and experience you can cultivate a helpful balance of practicality and creativity, optimism and realism, abstract vision and patience.

Until you reach this level however, you may diffuse your creative energy by focusing on busy work. You may also allow fears to limit you from taking initiative to pursue your large scale dreams.

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