Jupiter and Uranus aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you break down barriers to accomplishing your goals?

6-8-break-barriers.jpg Jupiter conjunct Uranus

You are a trailblazer and easily find yourself on the cutting edge. Since you are a freethinker and have a knack for understanding patterns in society, you can see where improvements need to be made.

You are not satisfied with the status quo and have an independent streak. Rebelling against restrictive beliefs and conventional thought works for you in the long run.

You rise to success because you aren’t afraid to march to your own drum. Once you have achieved success you are likely to completely re-write the rules and teach others how they too can find freedom from restrictive fears, attitudes and behaviors.

Your path to success involves erratic, impulsive moves and leaps of faith that may leave those around you cringing. Still, you land on your feet. You simply aren’t phased by the need for approval or self restriction that hampers others.

Your biggest accomplishments will likely be in the fields of teaching, law, science, metaphysics, invention and entrepreneurship.

Jupiter sextile Uranus

You have an optimistic outlook and are motivated to evolve and grow.

As a result, you embrace crisis as opportunity to expand and mature. You are independent, creative and entrepreneurial. You don’t get bogged down in sentimentality when life suddenly takes a turn.

It is easy for you to blast through obstacles because you have faith in your ability to rebuild or replace anything which may have been lost in the process.

You have also had fortunate experiences which help you maintain your sense of faith even in the midst of uncertainty. You tend to develop greater spiritual connection and understanding through hard earned wisdom that emerges during times of change and crisis.

Jupiter square Uranus

You are confident in your abilities and in the good nature of others and expect things to work out for the best. This is both a blessing and a source of conflict when life throws unexpected curve balls your way.

This is a blessing in the sense that you find ways to land on your feet and thrive no matter what crises erupt around you.

The challenge is that you overestimate your abilities at times and may take for granted some of the pillars of stability in your life, not realizing until you lose relationships, jobs or other facets of your reality, how much you had grown to depend on them.

You are likely to take big risks and gamble with fate. Sometimes it works for you, but many times you make life more difficult than it otherwise needs to be.

You may go to such extremes to assert your independence that you alienate others and block yourself from opportunities. You may do things the hard way, only seeing a clear path once you have burned bridges or destroyed your foundation.

Jupiter trine Uranus

You can go through a crisis and come out of the situation wealthier and better off in numerous ways. This is because you take any situation as an opportunity to break down barriers.

In fact the concept of ‘barriers’ may not even occur to you. You simply see chances for growth and change and are open to embracing all that comes your way.

You are intuitive, good natured and forward thinking. Your powerful intellect and the higher wisdom you are attuned to help you to succeed regardless of your circumstances.

You may also have numerous lucky breaks so that every obstacle in your life becomes a breakthrough for growth. You may attract wealth and abundance as a result of unexpected changes and challenges.

Jupiter opposite Uranus

You are confident and idealistic yet your vision of how you want things to be may not correspond with reality. When you are faced with these discrepancies, you may rebel and act out in extreme ways. You may attract chaos due to your fears of confinement and limitation.

As a result of this you are likely to miss important opportunities because your life is too hectic and you are seldom settled enough to manifest your ultimate goals.

If you are able to harness your intense energy and find outlets for your frustration rather than lashing out or disappearing when conflicts arise, you will be much better off. You may seek to break through obstacles by going too far to the extreme and in doing so you may alienate yourself form others who could be powerful allies for you.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus

Your idealism and sense of righteousness motivates you to break with tradition and try to find innovative solutions to problems that surround you.

You may be ahead of your time or overestimate others’ readiness to adapt to changes that you see as drastically needed. As a result you may frequently feel alienated because of your progressive views.

With maturity and experience you can learn to express your ideas in ways that are more palatable to the mainstream. You may also come to appreciate the importance of collaboration and influencing others rather than seeking shock value.

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