Jupiter and Neptune aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your intuition help fuel your biggest dreams?

6-9-intuitio-dreams.jpg Jupiter conjunct Neptune

You are highly sensitive to emotional and energetic currents around you and as a result, tend to be empathic and compassionate toward others.

Your emotions are one function of your intuition and with practice and discernment you will learn to develop your psychic sensitivities which in turn will help you accomplish your largest dreams.

Your imagination and creativity are limitless and you aren’t afraid to use your resources to think outside the box. You don’t let limiting beliefs or traditions stand in the way of reaching your highest aspirations.

Your ability to dream big and your confidence in your abilities and in the benevolence of the universe in general help to nurture your path to success.

You may also experience lucky breaks and encounters with influential people to whom you are drawn because you followed your instincts and ideals. You will get farther by instinct than by logic alone.

Jupiter sextile Neptune

Your powerful intuition will guide you to the right people you need to meet in order to advance your career and vision. Fortunate encounters with people from all walks of life help you to make your dreams a reality.

Others may think you lack a clear plan but it is precisely because you take a more intuitive, flowing path that you are able to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of new opportunities.

You are creative, idealistic and optimistic and this also helps you to remain open minded to the numerous helpers who appear along the way.

Jupiter square Neptune

You are an idealistic dreamer and you are more comfortable dealing with theoretical, abstract ideas than you are implementing your plans and goals. As a result you may create wonderful scenarios in your mind which end up not being realistic.

You may also sabotage your success by exaggerating your capabilities and deluding yourself into believing that you are ready to run before you can walk.

When things don’t work out you may feel disappointed and use this to justify not trying in the future. You may also escape into fantasy or addictions that allow you to avoid dealing with reality as it is.

If you are able to remain grounded in reality and find the motivation to deal with the tedious practical details which typically bore you, you can excel in all kinds of creative pursuits and may even become a compassionate leader.

Jupiter trine Neptune

Your limitless imagination and optimistic sense of the future help you to build a stairway to your dreams which will defy logic and tradition. Others may marvel at your ability to easily connect with influential people who will help you develop on your path.

You naturally grasp the larger spiritual undertones at play even in the most mundane situations and this gives you a natural appreciation for the artistic, intuitive and symbolic.

Intuition is as normal a sense to you as sight or hearing and your antenna is tuned in to fortunate opportunities which carry you to positions of leadership. You easily inspire the best in others and are able to persuade others through subtle communication, charm and optimism.

A career in healing, the arts or spiritual or other types of guidance come naturally to you and you rise above challenges, creating purpose and meaning regardless of whatever difficulties you may face.

You may have been born knowing you are destined to reach large groups of people and make a positive impact as a healer or guide and every twist and turn brings you a new opportunity to transmute crisis into awakening.

Jupiter opposite Neptune

You are sensitive to others’ needs and feelings yet rather than opening up to greater intimacy in your relationships, you are likely to focus your attention on large scale social changes.

You may feel compassion toward society and oppressed people yet your compassion is intellectualized rather than felt emotionally.

You may also vacillate between pursuing your creative talents and becoming distracted by illusions. While chasing what you believe are your dreams, you may become confused about what you really wanted in the first place.

Your intuition may be strong at times but you may dismiss intuition in favor of fantasy and self delusion.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune

Your ideas are larger than life and your instincts, while powerful at times, can also be fueled by insecurities, paranoia and grandiosity.

With practice, you may develop the ability to discern intuition from fantasy, but your first inclination will be to retreat into fantasies of power, affluence, luck and wealth no matter how far removed this is from your reality.

When you do start to realize the disconnect between life as it is and life as you wish it to be, your first response may be further retreat into fantasy, or to indulge in addictive spending, eating, or substance use to further solidify the existence of your fantasy world.

With experience and maturity, you have the potential to experience significant personal healing and rebirth, leaving behind ego based fantasies and self delusion and actually embracing spiritual practices and beliefs which help you transcend challenges.

Only after you have further developed tools to ground your expectations in reality and deal with limitations productively will you uncover the full potential of your intuition as a creative, guiding force.

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