Jupiter and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you evolve to achieve your destiny?

5-11-evolve-destiny.jpg Jupiter conjunct North Node

You are confidently driven to expand beyond any obstacles and transcend limiting situations to fulfill your purpose.

Nothing can hold you back from completing your mission. You have a strong sense of spirituality and may feel divinely guided to fulfill your purpose.

You may experience Karmic lessons which help to elevate you and help you to evolve. Rather than viewing situations as setbacks or crises, you see opportunities to expand. You are guided by beliefs in justice and fairness and expect things to work out according to a divine order. You may also be personally connected to work in mediation, advocacy and the justice system.

Your path to success is intertwined with your purpose. You may lead others through inspiration and spiritual counseling, you may also find important aspects of your life lessons in foreign cultures or through travel or relocation to a new country.

Jupiter sextile North Node

Your destiny involves leadership and acting as a beacon of hope for others. You are likely to have Karmic connections to influential people who help you transcend obstacles on your path.

You are optimistic and philanthropic, and your destiny involves inspiring and uplifting others. You believe in the best in people and your ideals drive you toward fulfilling your purpose.

You have large dreams and a powerful vision for the potential future of humanity and your purpose involves being a positive agent for change through healing, higher education, justice, mediation, advocacy or spiritually guiding others.

Your own mystical experiences or engagement with a wise elder or mentor help you to evolve to your highest confidence and understand your purpose.

Jupiter square North Node

You may not truly appreciate your full potential and path to destiny until faced with challenges and obstacles. You may resist taking responsibility for your destiny and instead distract yourself in pleasure seeking at first.

You may also try to hide from your potential by playing small and denying the powerful influence you can have on others.

Once you perceive that you have no other options however, you are inclined to take a leap of faith and trust in your abilities. This will set you on the path to growth and evolution.

Your desire to expand beyond the same old patterns that have not worked in the past will also help you break free from restrictions and embrace your higher destiny.

Jupiter trine North Node

You easily find yourself in the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities to grow and evolve personally. You are optimistic and enthusiastic which helps you to reach your higher purpose and destiny.

You may have a long way to go to fully reach your destiny yet you are eager to absorb information and expand your mind and perspective and this willingness to learn helps you evolve and advance.

You refuse to be limited and your positive attitude attracts others to you who help you advance toward your goals.

You are also confident and believe in the goodness of others and this helps attitude contributes to your success.

Jupiter opposite North Node

Your confidence in your abilities and potential may clash with your best path to fulfilling your life’s purpose. You are enthusiastic about opportunities on your path but may be easily distracted by pursuing excess which derails you from your mission.

You may also have a challenging process of opening up to your larger destiny, as you may resist owning your power and gifts or it may take several Karmic experiences to teach you to muster up the self confidence needed to fulfill your destiny.

You are likely to hide from your own gifts for part of your life, only coming to accept your greatness and purpose after repeatedly running from your path.

Indulging in excesses, getting lost in pleasure seeking or expecting the path to be easier than it is are also obstacles which must be dealt with and resolved in order for your full potential to be realized.

Through these distractions and detours you eventually evolve to accept your full potential and find the confidence to step into your power and rise to fulfill your purpose.

Jupiter quincunx North Node

Karmic lessons regarding self confidence and optimism will be essential to your eventual fulfillment of your life purpose. You may experience restrictions to your sense of freedom. Early life experiences may leave you feeling that your options are limited or that your dreams are too far out of reach.

Experience and maturity will help you recognize that you have much more power than you previously thought.

You will have to overcome self esteem and self confidence issues in order to reach your full potential. Once you have worked through these issues, however, you are likely to excel as an influencer, leader and humanitarian.

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