Jupiter and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you convey confidence and reach success?

6-11-confidence-success.jpg Jupiter conjunct Ascendant

Your personality is optimistic and enthusiastic and your energy can easily fill a room.

You are an independent thinker who prefers to consider the ethics and morality of any situation before making decisions. A natural humanitarian, you are geared toward being of service as a leader and always looking to uplift others.

A lucky streak is apparent to those who meet you, and it seems no matter what curve ball life throws you, you find a way to succeed and prosper. You may appear given to excess because it is important for you to enjoy life and share generously with others.

You show the world your ideals and vision and have confidence in your ability to succeed.

Jupiter sextile Ascendant

You easily express your values and inspire confidence in others. As a result you are often given opportunities to lead. Career advancement comes easy to you, as do most things.

You have a generous heart and your love of humanity and others shows through grand gestures you make to try to uplift others and share your successes.

Abundance comes easily to you, yet you are inclined to also spend big and take large risks with money, as a result you may be all over the place financially though you tend to land on your feet.

You easily attract friends and associates who help promote your goals and add to your successes.

A tendency to indulge in food, drink or excess of any kind can have an impact on your physical health, you may be inclined to gain weight easily.

Jupiter square Ascendant

You may play small and either avoid leadership or project an overconfident self image which others can see through and which undermines your success.

You are likely to struggle to find your true power and confidence. Challenges and crises will help you learn how to align your ideals with your perspective and can actually cause you to become more optimistic.

Once you have seen what you are truly made of, you develop a deep sense of faith in yourself and discover that things will work out for the best.

As you shift your mindset to the positive and blend your ideals with practical consideration of the present reality, you become more confident and trust yourself to reach your potential.

Jupiter trine Ascendant

Your benevolent nature and self confidence shine through in all that you do. You are able to portray your strengths and abilities without becoming overbearing and dominating of others.

You channel your confidence through benevolent acts that enhance and empower others and improve society in general.

You are also closely connected to your dreams and ideals and you feel absolutely certain of your ability to manifest your goals. This confidence in yourself and in the good nature of others, is contagious and results in others trusting you and wanting to help you fulfill your dreams.

Jupiter opposite Ascendant

You have the potential to achieve great successes and accumulate a wealth of friends and financial resources, yet you struggle with undermining yourself or sabotaging your own efforts.

Your confidence is out of proportion to situations you find yourself in. You may vacillate between being overconfident and sure of yourself, lacking in humility and as a result missing key steps to success, and holding back out of fear of not being good enough.

Likewise you may falter when it comes to taking risks to advance and grow. You either jump out on a limb too soon or expect too much too fast, or else hold back when risks are in order and miss opportunities.

With time and experience, you will learn to harness your confidence and power so that you can take advantage of opportunities and expand your career and personal goals.

Jupiter quincunx Ascendant

You struggle to accept your true potential and may say and do things that diminish yourself.

You may dress in a way that doesn’t call attention to yourself or ignore opportunities to play up your beauty and strengths. You may fear the responsibility associated with power and leadership, or even fear your own success.

You may also distract yourself from success by pursuing instant gratification and pleasure. Difficulties moderating your appetites can cause consequences to you such as extreme fluctuations in weight or financial gains and losses.

With experience and maturity you can develop greater ease acting as an authority on topics such as law, spirituality, philosophy and culture. You may have fortunate opportunities to advance in career and to travel.

You are likely to hesitate at first, pursuing such gains only when you feel confident that you can handle the associated responsibilities.

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