Saturn and Neptune aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you manifest your dreams?

7-9-manifest-dreams.jpg Saturn conjunct Neptune

You are no stranger to hard work and understand that before manifesting your dreams in reality, you must first deal with practical matters.

You are able to strike a balance between the need to work on mundane tasks while also nurturing your creative side and fantasy world. Your imagination motivates you to overcome obstacles and limitations.

You are motivated to build a solid baseline and although you possess exceptional creative, musical, artistic and even intuitive gifts, you are not likely to get lost in fantasy or delusions of grandeur. Nor are you likely to become bogged down by practical limitations which could otherwise infringe on your dreams.

Saturn sextile Neptune

You easily manifest your dreams through a combination of elbow grease and idealism. Your imagination is active and your intuition often guides you to make the choices you need in order to advance your career or personal life.

Your career path may be intertwined with your spiritual path. You may also experience hardships, illnesses or other personal restrictions which while challenging, also help you to develop healing, awareness and transformation.

You are likely to embrace challenges with compassion and an eye on the big picture, allowing you to see beyond the immediate situation and make meaning from difficult situations.

Careers involving healing, spiritual counseling, leadership, music, and the arts are favored. You are patient and practical enough to bridge the spiritual and material worlds in pursuit of your goals or to advance society.

Saturn square Neptune

Your practical and intuitive sides don’t easily align. You may envision a future which matches your skills and potential, yet stumble when trying to manifest this dream life because of details or limitations you hadn’t considered.

You may also place unnecessary limitations on yourself, perhaps even sabotaging your own success because you don’t feel you deserve to achieve your ultimate dreams.

A lack of thorough research, or blind faith in the way you think things should be can lead you to take risks which are unwise and lead to losses or hardship. You may delude yourself with dreams which are possible, yet fail to implement the necessary steps to manifest these dreams.

Avoid retreating into fantasy when responsibilities require your attention to detail and the mundane world.

Saturn trine Neptune

It is easy for you to manifest your dreams because you have a wealth of creativity and imagination yet you also have the practical nature necessary to see your projects through to completion.

You leave no stone unturned as you work diligently toward your goals and you consider all possibilities even when these possibilities prolong your success or force you to pay attention to problems along your path.

You would rather be aware of potential pitfalls than pretend that everything is fine and be caught off guard.

You are down to earth but you don’t let your sense of practical side take away from your dreams and idealism.

Saturn opposite Neptune

You may vacillate between self doubt and cynicism, only to resort to fantasies and idealism when the harshness of reality becomes too much to bear.

You are likely to become stuck in a world of illusions which either favors an over optimistic view of yourself and your talents, or expresses itself as a dystopia in which you are constantly the victim and can never get ahead in life.

If you focused your energy on balancing your practical and slightly cynical yet realistic side with your idealistic, creative energy, you could blend your intuition and ideals with good common sense and business skills.

When these aspects of yourself are brought into balance you can become successful in relationships or career tasks requiring compassion, creativity and commitment.

Saturn quincunx Neptune

You often find yourself bearing responsibilities and duties that require you to take a serious, mature perspective.

You prefer to avoid seeking power for the sake of power, yet often you are called upon to apply your practical skills and talents for hard work and perseverance to create stability for others.

Nevertheless, if you had your way, you would prefer to avoid responsibilities and pursue your creative dreams and follow an intuitive path.

With experience and maturity, you can find ways to manifest your dreams by blending your talent for practical, cautious actions with your intuitive, creative vision.

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