Saturn and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: What is the path that helps you manifest your purpose?

6-11-path-purpose.jpg Saturn conjunct North Node

You have a sense of Karmically being linked to tradition and the past and yet part of your mission is to reconcile the past and future or resolve issues from the past.

You may be in a pivotal middle ground between two eras or two aspects of family heritage and your destiny involves bridging the gap between tradition and future.

You will have to come to terms with various restrictions and limitations in order to fulfill your purpose. You may have to rebuild a solid foundation or create structures or systems which help you manifest your goals.

You have the ability to create the foundation you need, however there is a divine timing to your path and advancement will not take shape before you are truly ready for the responsibilities that accompany your destiny.

Saturn sextile North Node

You have a serious disposition and strong sense of purpose even from a young age. You seem to have a clear sense of what your purpose is and work diligently toward building a path that leads to your destiny.

You aren’t afraid of self sacrifice and may view deprivation and limitation not as a challenge but as an act of purification. Less is more for you and you prefer to keep things simple as it helps you to remain focused on your goals.

Karmic lessons may come in the form of restrictions and limitations which feed in to your ultimate path in the long run. A crisis involving illness may lead you to pursue a path as a healer for example, or you may fulfill your destiny helping others establish financial security as a result of having experienced poverty.

You have a strong connection to tradition and may have Karmic connection to a different era altogether. You bring the sensibilities and perspective of this past phase into your work and mission as you fulfill your potential and connect past and future.

Saturn square North Node

You need to adjust your attitude toward restrictions and challenges. In order to successfully fulfill your purpose, you will need to work through challenges and obstacles early in life.

You may shrug off obligations because you feel too suffocated and confined. Lack of a consistent father figure or authority figure early in life may have caused you to fear restriction and discipline or go out of your way to try to exert control.

You will find greater success and potential for achievement however once you have developed a healthy sense of responsibility and self discipline, and this will help guide you on your path to fulfilling your destiny.

Saturn trine North Node

In order to embrace the path to your destiny you must look to your past. Your heritage and the foundation created by your predecessors are key to creating stability and the framework you need in order to grow.

You are committed to growth and advancement and you want commit to success no matter how challenging the path becomes. Your process of fulfilling your Karmic lessons and embracing your purpose may involve many hardships yet these only strengthen your resolve.

An older male figure like a grandfather or older mentor can also be instrumental in helping you awaken to your path.

Saturn opposite North Node

You may initially avoid self discipline and responsibility but this will only take you on a detour and prolong challenges in your life.

Your path to realizing your true purpose comes when you accept responsibility for Karmic lessons which may contribute to challenging situations in this lifetime. Your challenges may include having to take a mature perspective early in life or take responsibility for duties that elders should have been managing.

You may also be called to create physical, financial or both types of stability for others, sacrificing your own pleasures in the process. You may run from your obligations but they will simply follow you.

It would be best for you to embrace the path that at first seems restrictive and mundane because the attention to details and practical matters help to illuminate your higher purpose.

Saturn quincunx North Node

Lack of nurturing from parents or role models, a conflicted relationship with authority or a father figure or a tendency toward depression may be some aspects of early life crises or challenges which must be overcome.

Through these experiences you potentially learn Karmic lessons about discipline, security and personal strength. You may resist taking responsibility for your choices or resist accepting situations beyond your control at first. ICON: 7-11-foundation-destiny.jpg Saturn and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you set the foundation to fulfill your destiny? How do you set the foundation to fulfill your destiny?

Saturn conjunct North Node

You are keenly aware of the role of divine timing throughout your life.

Big breaks, opportunities to grow in career or mature in personal life manifest in a process which is not entirely up to your conscious control.

Rather than wrestling to exert your will on the situations around you, you must learn to be patient and allow a natural order to take its toll and bring resources and opportunities to you.

You will need to grow to accept obligations that help you mature and access your higher wisdom though earlier in life you may resist responsibility for your path and purpose.

Older mentors may play a significant role in shaping your destiny through instilling a strong work ethic, discipline, and other lessons which include sacrifice and limitations on instant gratification.

Saturn sextile North Node

You have the skills you need to focus in and lay a solid foundation that helps you fulfill your destiny and purpose.

Early hardships help to prepare you for fulfillment later in life and even when challenges abound you take obstacles with a measure of seriousness and recognition that hardship builds character.

You recognize the interconnectedness between the challenges you face and your greater destiny and may come to view sacrifice as a service to the greater society.

Your hard work and self discipline will bring practical, personal and Karmic rewards as you mature to new levels because of your diligence and focus on stabilizing your foundation.

Saturn square North Node

You may live in the past and choose tradition over evolution if you aren’t careful to maintain balance between the familiar and comfortable and the what is new and challenging.

You have leadership potential but will have to learn some hard lessons about sacrifice, patience, and discipline. You will eventually obtain what you most need in life by experiencing challenges which seem to run counter to what you most desired.

The Universe keeps you on a short leash and you will be Karmically reigned in when you start to veer too far off course.

If you aren’t approaching these lessons with maturity and wisdom, you may become stuck in self pity and a negative outlook as nothing has gone according to your plans.

If you are able to see your growth through the challenges you face, however, you will be able to connect to the higher lessons underway and rise to your full potential as a result.

Saturn trine North Node

You are born ready to fulfill your destiny yet you downplay your strengths, taking your gifts for granted because you are humble and often more focused on building security for others.

The more you trust what you have already manifested in your life, the more you can build your confidence and succeed in fulfilling your mission.

Your past and the inherited lessons of your ancestors also hold keys to your destiny and you may feel called upon to continue work they could not complete or reconcile Karmic wounds from earlier in your lineage.

Saturn opposite North Node

You are constantly given the Karmic feedback you need in order to get on the right path and manifest your higher calling. Unfortunately you are inclined to dig in your heels and resist this calling.

You may bury yourself in work, in your career and in tedious busy work to avoid paying attention to your higher purpose.

If you are willing to surrender control and try to view the path toward your destiny as an opportunity for success instead of a limitation imposed on you by someone else, you will be much more successful.

Saturn quincunx North Node

You resist following your destiny because you fear being responsible for others. Some of your insecurities and fears may be related to past life issues and experiences.

You are as uncomfortable with success as you are with failure and you may have the sense that no matter what you do the timing is never right. This is because you aren’t truly following your higher calling.

As you grow and mature you may become more confident in your ability to take risks and abandon the caution that keeps you paralyzed. As you venture out of your comfort zone you will learn that you already possess all the skills you need to be a successful leader, business person or successful in your chosen career.

Your work and career and the things you are drawn to as valuable are part of your greater destiny. You may also find significant clues from your past and the experiences of your ancestors.

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