Uranus and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your originality?

8-12-express-originality.jpg Uranus conjunct Ascendant

You have an independent streak and a sense of rebelliousness that sets you apart from the crowd. You are highly intelligent and thrive on cutting edge ideas and innovation.

You are ahead of the curve and may feel prophetic at times because you sense what is coming before anyone else does.

Although you don’t like to get bogged down in emotion and sentimentality, you are conscientious of social issues and gravitate toward group activities. You enjoy being a catalyst for changing society in positive ways.

You can appear restless and agitated because you are so filled with energy. You constantly need creative channels to avoid boredom or tension. You think fast and may be prone to speaking spontaneously and saying things that shock others.

Uranus sextile Ascendant

You are inspired by those around you and may take a hint or idea to some extreme level by focusing your wit and intelligence in conjunction with your creativity and futuristic vision.

You have humanitarian instincts and want to be a positive catalyst for change to promote a better society. You may become a staunch activist on a number of issues and may speak or act in ways that shock other people. Your appearance is likely to be unique as well as you prefer to stand out from the crowd.

You have a brilliant mind and others look to you for creative inventive ideas.

Uranus square Ascendant

Deep in your core you are an unabashed individualist. You love to assert your own views and follow your own drumbeat. Unfortunately this repeatedly causes problems for you as you are likely to butt heads with those who do not share your visionary perspective.

Rather than being open to the opinions of others, you may simply wander off on your own and take the attitude that you don’t need anyone’s help. This only brings further challenges on your path however.

You need to adjust your thinking and not assume that you must do everything on your own or else risk losing your independence and individuality. You will be more successful if you learn to collaborate with others.

You don’t need to worry about losing your own identity because you are too unique to allow that to happen anyway.

Uranus trine Ascendant

You think and act quickly once you are motivated to do something.

You easily embrace sweeping changes and may reinvent yourself several times. What remains consistent however is that you crave independence and although you favor group membership and activities you refuse to be defined by any group.

In fact, you resist definition of any kind, preferring to knock down any preconceptions held by others.

Your originality is transparent in everything you do. You have enough charm and social skills however to avoid alienating yourself by becoming unrelatable. Instead you are intriguing to others and your visionary energy inspires those around you.

Uranus opposite Ascendant

You are constantly on the move and your energy may be restless or tense.

You may resist structure so much as to become ungrounded easily. You may be like a firecracker, set off with the slightest provocation. If this is the case you may frequently burn your bridges or abandon relationships, justifying this by saying you are independent and others were cramping your style.

In reality you have not yet harnessed the balance between focusing on your needs, the needs of society at large, and the needs of other individuals on your path.

You may become preoccupied with ideals and concepts of society and connectedness but struggle to connect on an emotional level.

Uranus quincunx Ascendant

You can be open minded and individualistic but early in life this will work against you more often than being an asset.

With maturity and experience, you grow to harness your intense, progressive, visionary energy to become a catalyst for change. You can become comfortable with your unconventional nature and use your unique vision to benefit society only after you have learned effective ways to channel your nervous tension and restlessness.

You must also learn to pick your battles and not rebel just for the sake of being contrary.

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