Pluto and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you handle control and power?

10-12-control-power.jpg Pluto conjunct Ascendant

You have an intense personality and life lessons regarding power, authority and control will be essential to shaping your path.

Focused to the point of obsessiveness, you easily ruminate over situations, grinding down any situation to the bare bones trying to perfect every detail. You are not interested in half measures and may have significant lessons throughout life as you struggle to learn the art of compromise and flexibility.

Left to your own devices, you are ambition driven and can have a stubborn streak. You have difficulty accepting any authority higher than your own ideas and principles and while you can be disciplined and hard working, you can also unintentionally damage relationships by refusing to yield any control to others.

Pluto sextile Ascendant

You convey confidence and power in all you do. It is easy for you to express yourself with authority. Since you know your message will hit the mark, you don’t have to exert dominance and control over others.

It is easy for you to handle your personal power without infringing on others’ choices or ideas. This is because you have found the best ways to succeed involve leveraging your influence over others and delegating tasks to help empower others and take the burden off yourself.

As a result of this outlook you are seen as fair and reasonable and others appreciate your insight and judiciousness.

Pluto square Ascendant

On the path to achieving your goals and healing from underlying traumas and psychological wounds, you become easily distracted by power struggles and the desire to have the last word or the last laugh.

You aren’t afraid to exert power or control over others. You may even go to the extremes of being manipulative or coercing others.

You have a knack for seeing through to the heart of any situation and may use this unfairly to your advantage, exploiting vulnerabilities in others.

Your desire for control and power may lead you to illegal activity, embezzlement, corporate crimes, issues with drugs or prostitution and self sabotaging behaviors involving abuse of authority.

Pluto trine Ascendant

You have a gift for persuading others. Intense and purpose driven, you know exactly what you want and will stop at nothing to achieve your definition of success.

Others look to you for leadership and you may end up reluctantly guiding, teaching or managing others. While you are content to experience large periods of solitude and can work well independently, you do have a strong sensual attractiveness to others.

Your passion and magnetism can result in intense relationships. One of your biggest life challenges involves balancing your energy with the energy of those around you as you have a tendency to dominate others without trying.

You understand the inner workings of those around you and aren’t afraid to face the hidden truths underlying your own subconscious thoughts and behaviors.

Pluto opposite Ascendant

You are uncomfortable with power yet you seek control in all you do. You may become dominating over others in relationships and this is because you feel it is easier to try to manage other people than it is to manage your own business.

You may hover over those you love, thinking that you are being helpful or protective when their perception is that you are suffocating them and becoming overbearing.

When those around you try to create space or introduce their own ideas, you are likely to feel threatened. Your authority has been challenged, or so you think, and you react to this with intensity and defensiveness. Others may wonder how they suddenly became your adversary. You can be obsessive and will not forget any slight or offense even if it was not intended.

If you learn to manage your power with greater confidence to begin with you can avoid the many power struggles you invite into your life. You can be influential over others and persuasive without resorting to mind games and manipulation.

Pluto quincunx Ascendant

Your early experiences with power and authority left damaging wounds on your ego. As a result you feel fundamentally uncomfortable around any type of authority figure. You may spend your early life avoiding vulnerability at all costs yet facing one loss after another because you have not truly learned from your experiences.

After you grow frustrated with constant turmoil and disruption that results from this cycle of mistrust, paranoia and power struggles, you may begin to explore the fears and insecurities at the root of your attitude toward others.

When you open up to a path of healing and self reflection you will be able to dive deep beneath the surface and develop a high degree of self awareness. This can prove instrumental in ushering in personal transformation.

You may initiate recovery from trauma or addictive processes or undergo significant relationship counseling to unlearn and relearn ways to manage your power and work with others without contentious views sabotaging your relationships.

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