Pluto and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How does power influence your career?

10-13-power-career.jpg Pluto conjunct Midheaven

You are intense and driven and will likely ascend to positions of authority easily.

You do well working by and for yourself than collaborating with others. If you must work with others, you prefer to be in control.

You will put all of your effort into establishing your career and don’t mind waiting for positive results to manifest. You may be obsessive and singularly focused at times. Nothing will stand in the way of your goals and you will find ways to undermine any opposition.

Your talent for astute observation, research, probing and getting to the root of matters helps you to excel in positions such as psychology or detective work. You may have an interest in occult or taboo topics and a slight edge adds focus on topics such as death, afterlife, and transformation.

Rehabilitation is also an area in which you specialize and whether you help people or animals find rehabilitation or tear apart and rebuild buildings as a contractor, you have a knack for deconstructing and reconstructing.

Pluto sextile Midheaven

When opportunities arise requiring you to assume leadership positions in your career you step up to the occasion. At the same time you don’t usually seek out power in your career.

You are comfortable with status and wealth and aren’t afraid to make yourself right at home with the most successful people in your field. Yet you don’t crave the spotlight for yourself.

You would rather bring your deep and piercing insights to the table and help others sort through various distractions, seeing right to the heart of the matter. You would also rather remain in a position where you can observe all that transpires without being subject to such scrutiny from others.

You know how to network in advantageous ways and you may come across significant information including scandalous secrets or hidden information which could benefit your career if revealed. You are inclined to not reveal how much you know until it becomes absolutely necessary.

Pluto square Midheaven

You are attracted to power and status and may cut corners or bulldoze over others on your path to accumulating wealth and authority.

Collaboration and compromise do not come easy to you and if you aren’t given a chance to gracefully save face, you can hold on tight to any conflict, insisting you are correct regardless of evidence.

Frequent power struggles disrupt your career and may even cause you to sabotage an otherwise potentially successful path.

You may unintentionally make your life harder than it has to be by insisting on doing things the way you think they should be done regardless of policies, laws or precedent.

Pluto trine Midheaven

You do well in positions of power and easily influence others.

Your powers of persuasion inspire others to fall in line behind you and trust you as a charismatic leader. This works for you as you would rather be in charge whether you volunteered to pursue managerial roles or have power fall into your lap.

You prefer to direct your own path and are motivated and hard working, focusing on your goals and mission with an obsessive desire for perfection and success.

Your career may involve several rounds of loss and rebirth or personal reinvention or a hardship or loss in your personal life may lead you to your chosen career path as in one who pursues criminal justice to heal from their own victimization or work as a psychologist to come to a deeper understanding of their own wounds.

In this way you are able to transmute trauma, losses and difficulties into something greater through your chosen career.

Pluto opposite Midheaven

You resist committing to career options which require you to focus your power and concentration on a single path.

As much as you may feel drawn to succeed in a certain career, you will chase your dreams in circles until you have thoroughly distracted yourself rather than focusing on what you want and applying your energy to achieving it.

You may feel insecure about your ability to follow through. You are determined and self sufficient and you also resist any career path which requires you to be at the mercy of another authority.

You may think you know the best way to get the job done, yet you are likely to back down from opportunities to take initiative and enact your plans, insisting instead that it is someone else’s duty but then becoming oppositional when others try to exert authority.

When you are tired of being a ‘backseat driver’ in your own career you will have the opportunity to focus your energy on your ambitions and follow your passion. If you learn to collaborate and not take everything as a personal battle of wills you will be much more successful.

Pluto quincunx Midheaven

In early life you may know what career you wish to pursue. You may study, research and even obsess over your ambitions and map out a detailed plan of what your career will look like.

What you likely don’t plan for is life getting in the way of your perfect picture. When life’s twists and turns take you down a path that doesn’t resemble exactly what you had in mind, you can become angry and cynical.

You may insist on having things work out your way even when the opportunity is long gone. It would be better for you to learn mental flexibility and prioritizing. Eventually you will learn these skills and it is part of your path to come to understand that things don’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ in order to work out for the best for you.

As you are learning these lessons and embracing change and transformation, you will have the opportunity to reinvent yourself both personally and in career. You may end up in a very different line of work than what you originally imagined.

Your path of recovery and healing may end up being a mirror for the type of work you are best suited for and the type of transformation you help initiate for others.

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