Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Leo and Sun in the houses

SunAcHouse-Taurus-Leo.jpg Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Leo and Sun in House 8

Sun in Taurus makes you practical, slow moving and well rooted. You are concerned with value including making sure that others recognize your value. You also trust only what you can physically touch or connect with through your senses and as such you aren’t much for abstraction. Leo Ascendant adds creativity and individuality to your personality. You are a natural leader and can appear confident and strong. You are sure of yourself and know your worth.

Sun in Taurus in your eighth house with Leo Ascendant is a rare combination. You were born at just the right time to be endowed with traits from this alignment that is statistically rare.

Your focus is power, both showing it, attaining it and exercising it in relationships. You may have to grow to become comfortable with your power and learn not to dominate or manipulate others. You can be stubborn and temperamental and can be prone to rages if you feel taken advantage of or don’t get your way.

With balance and evolution you can grow to become a grounded anchor for others and a force for healing and transformation. On your way to developing this ability however, you are likely to be tempted to mismanage your influence over others.

You may seek opportunities to use your charm, appearance or even your money or affluence to manipulate others around you.

Others who believe in your mission and strengths will invest in your success and you may gain advantages in relationships, business and personal life because others believe in you and help you ascend to new levels. You may also acquire financial assistance from others who believe in your mission.

Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Leo and Sun in House 9

Sun in Taurus gives you a grounded, practical and reliable personality. You are all about beauty, comfort and luxury and you have a knack for blending the artistic and functional. You know the value of things and are never gaudy or cheap, however you do know how to find great deals and are patient enough to wait until what you desire is within your budget (or mostly within your budget).

Leo Ascendant adds dramatic flair. You may be a talented spokesperson or performer and you love to be admired and adored for your creative talents. You don’t usually get ahead of yourself but you know your worth and command respect from others. You can also be slow to anger and equally slow to forgive.

You are so generous with others that you assume you will be repaid in kind and when this is not the case you can become sulky or tempestuous. You are a natural leader and usually have a good sense of how to inspire the confidence of others.

Sun in Taurus in your ninth house gives emphasis to your spiritual and philosophical interests. You are cultured and highly intelligent and you are a wisdom seeker. You may act as if you have seen the world but in truth you prefer the comforts of home and if you do travel, you don’t travel light.

You prefer to be surrounded by your favorite things and spare no expense in recreating your favorite luxuries no matter where you are. You can be prone to excess and self indulgence but this is partially because your personal philosophy is to enjoy life to the fullest.

You can be romantic but you also don’t tolerate disrespect or dishonesty. You are a justice seeker and may be a strong advocate for others. You aren’t afraid to lead others especially in progressive movements or as a facilitator for healing and expansion. You may teach advanced classes or share your ideas with a broad audience.

Your livelihood or sense of security is in some way related to esoteric, spiritual or philosophical work. You also have an optimistic and idealistic personality and strong public image. You may become the face of an organization or social cause and have no problem promoting your mission through dramatic gestures and tactics. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Leo and Sun in House 10

The energy of the Sun is prevalent as Leo is your Ascendant. You embody power and radiance and thanks to Sun in Taurus, beauty as well. You know your worth and portray your confidence for all to see. Your earthy nature and warm personality uplift and inspire those around you.

You are charming and good natured. You can be patient and persistent. You aren’t afraid to work hard for what you want, though you are especially motivated to pour effort into endeavors which result in an elevation in status and recognition. Sun in Taurus in the 10th house anchors your energy in the realm of career and public life. You strive to build a name for yourself in your chosen field.

Rather than dividing your efforts among many jobs, you go for the gold and focus on your long term objective in your chosen career. When striving for your goals you are unstoppable. Others may call it stubbornness, but you call it perseverance.

Sun in Taurus in the tenth house and Leo Rising will likely give you potential for leadership at some point in your career. You may be drawn to work in the theater or performing arts. You have an engaging and grounding presence and work well addressing large audiences.

When not balanced you may become vain or self focused. You may come to expect others to admire your work without having first earned the status you seek.

You may also have difficulty showing compassion to others unless you have personally walked in their shoes. A ‘business as usual’ mindset can have a negative effect on your personal relationships if you aren’t careful. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Leo and Sun in House 11

You are attracted to quality and understand value. You love to enjoy life’s luxuries thanks to Sun in Taurus and Leo Ascendant. You enjoy being pampered, admired and appreciated by others. Your potential to become self absorbed with Leo Rising is modified by Sun in Taurus. You are conscientious of give and take in relationships and will go the extra mile for others.

As long as your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated there is no limit on your generosity. You can be larger than life at times and will go overboard to let others know how special they are to you.

Sun in Taurus in the 11th house makes you most comfortable expressing your creative nurturing talents in the company of others. You are a humanitarian who brings stability and comfort to others. Your practical sensibilities are often enlisted by groups and organizations. You serve others as treasurer, assistant and possibly even director thanks to Leo Ascendant’s leadership potential.

You thrive on social energy and are at your best when you are spearheading a campaign for social change or helping others develop their business vision. Your talents include keeping a solid budget and considering the practical needs of an organization.

You also bring bursts of creativity and have a talent for thinking outside the box. When not balanced however you may insist on having things your own way and become unyielding. You may also become demanding of others, expecting complete unquestioning loyalty from those around you.

You can be an idealist and become discouraged when things don’t happen as you believe they should. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Rare

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