Lilith - The Power of Repressed Emotion and Sexuality

By 12andus

lilith.png Lilith, in the Old Testament of the Bible, was Adam’s first partner. According to the stories, she was his equal, not subservient.

When he tried to dominate her sexually, she rebelled against him and was then demonized as embodying the “danger” of powerful women.

In modern times, Lilith’s association with sexual liberation and empowerment of the Divine Feminine, has given rise to her recognition as a powerful symbol of freedom and sexual exploration.

In Astrology, Lilith is an asteroid associated with all of these qualities. Regardless of your gender, Lilith in the chart shows where you experience deep, powerful reserves of emotional energy. 

Lilith is associated with potent sexuality and freedom from domination. Lilith represents the way you show your unbridled individuality, raw passion and sexual power. 

Some people also associate Lilith with an area of life in which you have been repressed or your feelings have been stifled, and from which you had to seek your liberation.
This can include things like sexual traumas and wounds. It can also include where in your life your emotional power and intuition have been stifled and what you need to do to unleash your true creative power.

When you understand Lilith in your chart, you’ll also have a link to what is often considered your “dark side” or the power you have that threatens the status quo.
This is not synonymous with evil. It is the energy of your raw power and it can be intimidating and intense. The reason Lilith’s power is associated with darkness or negativity is because it pushes to the surface what others want you to hide and suppress.

It is the power that will lead you to break any kind of chains and release you from any kind of confinement.

Whether it comes down to breaking free from restrictive social constructs, such as Lilith in Aquarius or in the Eleventh House, or freedom from oppressive family structures such as Lilith in Cancer or in the Fourth House.

You can channel this power to break free, show your power and follow your true independent intuition.

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