Lilith in the Synastry Chart: how your independent and wild inner nature impacts a relationship

lilith.png The Asteroid Lilith is making a resurgence lately in the awareness of experienced and novice astrologers alike. It’s no wonder the world is awakening to the powers of the asteroid Lilith.

Named for the biblical figure from the Old Testament who was said to be Adam’s first wife but whose refusal to acquiesce to his desires and submit herself to a lesser status as a woman, Lilith represents powerful feminine energy.

She also represents the power of independence and the importance of being your own person.

Lilith’s rebellion against Adam cast her in a less than glamorous role among traditionalists in patriarchal societies.

Yet as modern societies are awakening to the importance of empowered women and the process of liberating sexual energy and independence, Lilith is finding a new place in the hearts and minds of modern Astrologers.

What does Lilith mean in the Synastry chart? In the Natal chart, Lilith shows where you exercise your independent nature and throw the demands of society off of your back in order to live free and according to your values. Lilith also represents your raw emotional nature and even your unrepentant rage.

This may sound like a challenging asteroid to look at in terms of Synastry charts which are all about relationship and connection to others, but there are some ways Lilith can yield important insight about your relationships.
For instance, while this asteroid describes how you express your wild and independent nature, Lilith also shows your creativity and refusal to submit to others.

Your Lilith in a key placement in your Synastry chart can show you how your independent and wild inner nature impacts a relationship for better or for worse.

A partner’s Lilith in an important aspect or placement in the Synastry chart may describe the aspect of your partner that you just can’t tame. The part of the relationship that will not be settled down no matter how much the person may love you.

That part of your partner that you just can’t reach or tame is described by Lilith but so is your intense and sexual energy, or that of your partner.

For instance if your Lilith is in your partner’s Third House and in a challenging aspect to your partner’s Mercury, the sexual connection can be intense but when it comes to verbal communication you may just not be on the same page. You may also feel that your partner’s communication style often triggers a sense of rebellion in you.

If your partner’s Lilith is in your Tenth House in the Synastry chart, your partner may have a dramatic and intense impact on your career path. Their individualistic style may cause a scandal when it comes to your reputation or even your career path.

They can have an important role to play in helping you to throw the weight of the world off your shoulders and be true to yourself and your own ambitions. Or they may be a catalyst for you to express your true feelings about your career path, following your deeper desires instead of doing what your family always pressured you to do with your career.

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