Ceres - Unconditional Love, Nurturing and Potential for Abundance

ceres.png Ceres is the Mother Earth archetype. In astrology, this asteroid represents all the best of compassionate and nurturing energy.

Ceres is associated with nurturing, health, food, stability and comfort on every level. She is the Goddess of the harvest and brings abundance through emotional healing and compassion.

Ceres is associated with motherhood and therefore also represents what you nurture and bring to birth. Ceres’s placement in your chart shows how you nurture others and how you find nurturing for yourself.

Like a mother’s love, Ceres shows how we show unconditional love and compassion to others. From the myth of Ceres the Goddess of grain and harvest, also called Demeter, whose daughter was abducted by her father and brought to the Underworld, Ceres can also represent how we experience the deep loss of what we love and cherish.

In the myth, Ceres searched the world over looking for her daughter. Ceres shows the dramatic lengths we will go to in order to preserve our loved ones or completely nurture those we care about.

Thus Ceres is compassion and nurturing but also fierce protectiveness and even stubborn pursuit of what we love. Look to Ceres in your Natal Chart to show how you express your nurturing energy and what nurtures you.

Transiting Ceres gives insights into what you may be called to “birth” in a particular time or what you may need to do to nurture your goals or loved ones.

This energy of the asteroid Ceres is also associated with what sustains us and therefore is linked to diet, abundance and physical health.

Ceres can give clues as to how we care for or potentially overlook the needs of our physical health or financial abundance.

Ceres in a Fire Sign for example may show a more impulsive or even reckless style of nurturing and handling abundance compared to Ceres in an Earth Sign.

Ceres shows your style of showing compassion and nurturing. Also, this asteroid shows to what lengths you will go to manifest the abundance you need and to protect and care for your family and loved ones.

For example, Ceres in Taurus creates the desire to nurture others in physical ways and by caring for their financial well being. It also suggests you are best nurtured when you are tending to your health, finances and business, or surrounded by comforts and beauty.

Ceres in Gemini, however, shows a more intellectual style of nurturing. In this case, you are more easily nurtured by reading and learning new things.

You may not always show up to pamper those in need but you’ll use your channels of communication to send nurturing messages of care and compassion to those you love.

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