Vesta - The Sacred Flame that Illuminates Your Spiritual Calling

    By 12andus

    vesta.png Vesta, the asteroid named for the Roman Goddess, is often misunderstood.

    We think of Vesta as a Virgin Goddess, yet in this case “virgin” was not a marker of sexual purity but of independence from the influence of men.

    So Vesta is associated with being complete within yourself and recognizing your power without feeling the need to find a partner to complete you. In fact, the Goddess Vesta refused to marry when she had the chance to marry the gods Apollo and Poseidon.

    Later the association with purity and virginity was solidified by the subculture of Vestal Virgins who committed to abstinence while keeping a sacred flame burning in temples to this Goddess.

    Once their service to the Goddess Vesta was completed, they would have the choice to marry and were honored with special status, whether they were married or not.

    Vesta in Astrology is associated with sacred sexuality, power and life force. We feel the archetypal Vestal energy when we are called to a life of spiritual service or sacrifice that challenges devotion to our spiritual path.

    Vesta in the Natal Chart points to what you see as holy or sacred and even what rituals or practices align you with your purpose. This can involve sexual expression of power or other forms of spiritual power.

    You can also think of Vesta as a sacred torch that sheds light on specific areas of your path.

    Vesta sheds light on your power and true untapped source of devotion and passion. It can also show your attitude toward sexuality, both trying to repress or express sexual energy.

    Vesta in Capricorn may try to inhibit sexual desires in order to focus their energy on their work or mission. Vesta in Aquarius may freely express their sexual energy and explore spiritual ascension through sexual techniques like Kundalini and Tantra.

    Vesta can show where you invest your personal energy in service of your spiritual path, so Vesta in Virgo can suggest practical methods of being of service and following your spiritual ideals.

    Learning your value and the sanctity of your skills by devoting yourself to helping others as a healer may be important here. Vesta in Pisces can show how you express your spiritual mission and compassion through displays of compassion and healing.

    Learning the sacredness of sexuality and creativity may be important lessons with this placement.

    Look to the Natal Chart to see insights about how you find your sacred spark and where you find the motivation to follow a path of service to your spiritual ideals even when it is not easy.

    Vesta shows how you experience Divine connection. Vesta in Scorpio may find sacred connection through transformation and deep intuition.

    Vesta in Leo may find Divine connection through creative acts, leadership and performance that bring them into connection with a sense of purpose or sacred message.

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